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Fiend Folio Rocks for Antibirth/Rebirth
Adds Fiend Folio Rocks to Antibirth/Rebirth
Created 2 years ago
I was extremely bored, so I decided to add the custom rocks and pits from Fiend Folio to Antibirth.
Also ports Repentance floor props to the game.

I couldn't edit the pits and rocks that the regular unmodded rooms used, which means that Basement and Cellar do not have custom pits, the Necropolis reuses the same rocks as the Depths, Utero reuses the same rocks and pits as the Womb, an the Chest and Dark Room do not have custom rocks or pits, but I could edit what rocks and pits the modded rooms from Antibirth used.

Also backports Repentance floor props to the game.

Antibirth files are pretty interesting to look at.

P.E.N.I.S (now apart of Nicalis I guess): Made Antibirth
Rick: Made Rebirth unpacking tools
Team Folio: Made Fiend Folio
Edmund McMillen and Nicalis: Made The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Mirror link for people who don't wanna sign in:

Also check out Repackance for Rebirth!


x 4

- Downpour Entrance pits match the floor now

- Tall blocks and Spike Rocks in the Womb use their Utero counterpart now

- Changed the color scheme of the Corpse2, and Corpse3 rocks and pits to better fit the Antibirth Corpse backdrop color scheme.

- Womb uses Utero Rocks, because they just look better, and I currently don't know how to make them seperate, so.

- Mausoleum B-Side has unique pits now.

- Mines lava pits now look like how they should

- removed some files

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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