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Paper Mario Styled Sprites
Created 2 years ago
changes some sprites to make them look paper-like


x 6

- most machines made toy-like

- important bosses glow and glitter (bosses being; Mom, Mom's Heart/It Lives!, Isaac, Blue Baby, Satan, The Lamb and Mega Satan)

- minimap is now made of tracing paper

- minimap icons are outlined

- boss health bar is glitter-y

- pickup, health and charge-bar HUD is paper-like

- card and pill ui is fixed

- button ui is changed

- cursor is paper-like

- Isaac is now made of crumpled paper (good for him!)

- fixed bomb outlines

- fixed double heart sprite

- made bomb sprites look darker

- coloured the tarot card sprite

- changed the beggar & shell game sprites to make thempaper-like

- pills now have different colours

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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