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Bye Bye Familiars!
removes almost all familiars from the devil pool
Created 2 years ago

It's like abortion but better!

This mod removes (almost) all familiars from the devil room pool, because we've had all had that moments when you were praying to get either abbadon or brimstone on your first devil room but the game said "Fuck you!" and gave you some piece of shit familiar like brother bobby or sister maggy.

(note, you can still get removed familiars from other pools since this just removes them from the devil pool and not from anywhere else that they're also in (example: item rooms)

Which familiars does this mod remove?

this mods removes:

    >brother bobby

    >sister maggy

    >ghost baby

    >demon baby

    >headless baby

Which familiars does this mod NOT remove?

this mod does NOT remove:



    >dark bum

    >rotten baby

    >little brimstone

    >multidimensional baby

Why did you create this?

I absolutely despise ghost baby.


(This is an homage to kittenchilly's "bye bye Bob's Brain", make sure to check it out!)


(this is the part where i would add some funny gag like something REAL fun or something like that i dunno)


x 5

- Small update

- >you can now get multidimensional buddy in devil rooms cause he's actually a decent familiar (at least better than ghost baby)

- >fixed (epic!) (cool!) (awesome!)

why do you hate ghost baby in particular?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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