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Repentance Music
Replaces a few tracks with their Repentance versions.
Created 3 years ago


This mod replaces some of the tracks that were made by Mudeth with their respective tracks made by Ridiculon for Repentance.

Track List

Genesis Retake Light
River Of Despair (Downpour)
Juggernaut (Boss Alt)
Fissure (Mines)
Walls Of Denial (Mausoleum)
Dread (The Calm Twisted)
Carrion (Corpse)
Morticide (Corpse Fight)
StarGazer (Planetarium)

How to Use

1. Drag the "resources" folder into the root folder for The Binding of Isaac Antibirth.
2. Turn on "Rebirth" soundtrack.


x 5

- Shortened Corpse intro.

- All tracks use their album mix.

- Improved various loops.

- Removed silence in the beginning of Corpse. (This was present in Repentance.)

- Fixed typo in music.xml.

- Heavily improved Mines layer.

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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