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Not Enough Rooms
700+ News rooms!
Created 2 years ago
Hello everyone! This mod is in development and so far it adds the following:

- 212 new rooms in Basement.
- 212 new rooms in Cellar.
- 212 new rooms in Burning Basement.
- 55 new Shop variations.
- 50 new Secret Rooms (compatible with Rare Secret rooms).
- 50 new Super-Secter Rooms (compatible with Rare Super-Secret rooms).
- 25 new I AM ERROR rooms.
- 25 new Library Rooms.
- 25 new Chest Rooms (locked room).
- 20 new Teasure rooms in Dross and Downpour (Knife piece 1).
- 10 new Ultra-Secret Rooms.
- 8 new Boss-Rush Rooms.

I want to add 200 rooms on each floor.

presently i'm working on:
- Downpour.
- Dross.

This mod is under development which means that it will be updated frequently. If you find any bug or want to make a suggestion for improvement - write to me in the Discord - yfyfyfyfyfy#8483. Also you can join in my server -

The rooms are as close to vanilla as possible. Rooms don't add any imbalance and you can clear them without taking damage. This mod shouldn't conflict with any other mods that add rooms. Mod adds a few common secrets (and super-secter) rooms that are close to vanilla. But there are also very rare rooms in which there is much more pickups.

All rooms are unique. This means that if you come across a new room in the cellar, you will not find the exact same room in the basement or in a burning basement (unlike a vanilla game, where the same room can be in cellar and in basement and in burning basement)

All new rooms start at ID 10000.

Steam link


x 15

- To mamy changes.

is this mod rebirth compatible? (no dlcs)
since it shows as repentance i dont think so, but try for yourself pal.

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!