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Greed Mode Improved Repentance
The long awaited update to the original Greed Mode Improved!
Created 2 years ago
After months of development hell, it is finally here! The Repentance update to Greed Mode Improved!

As the title suggests, this mod improves greed / greedier to be a lot more fun, balanced, and adds a lot more variety to both modes. This mod does make greed / greedier easier, but that wasn't my goal. My goal was to make greed / greedier less of a slog to play. Greedier especially.

Here is a (hopefully) complete list of changes this mod makes:
- A lot of waves have been adjusted in minor ways to make dealing with them a bit more manageable and fair.
- Bosses now respect their boundaries! With the exception of bosses from previous floors, the bosses that appear on each floor is consistent with the floor they appear on in normal / hard.
- Adds and alters a ton of new special rooms to make them much more interesting, varied, and have all sorts of goodies to make playing greed / greedier less of a slog. Some rooms even utilize gimmicks Repentance added.
- Enemies that should appear on certain floors like prey in the flooded caves now do. The same is true for bosses like Reap Creep in the depths.
- The shop floor has been overhauled! Several new enemies have been added to already existing and new waves to add more variety and keep it from being one of the least interesting floors of your run. Almost all boss waves have been adjusted and a ton of new ones have been added too! Because of how many boss waves have been altered and added, you shouldn't encounter two Stains in the nightmare wave as often anymore.
- Troll bombs waves no longer exist. They have been replaced with waves that include enemies from the floor you are on, bomb flies, or migraines (if this turns out to be a change no one likes, I have no problem reverting it).
- There are now new layouts for the arenas on each floor. Most only have a few, some like the shop have several.
- Secret rooms are actually worth searching for. You can find consumables, items, machines, and other helpful goodies in them.
- (Removed due to changes v1.7.5 made to item pools) Almost every item pool has been adjusted! The secret room item pool actually has items in it and problematic items like the red key can't appear anywhere in greed/ greedier unless you use the spindown dice.
- Ultra Greed's floor has been adjusted. The spawn room now has four golden chests in it so you can get rid of any extra keys you have and the placements of the bosses and enemies that appear in the first boss room has been tweaked so the chances of you taking unfair damage has been significantly reduced.
- (Disabled by default but can be enabled with a patch in the mod's directory) Ultra Greed and Ultra Greedier have less health to make dealing with them less of a slog. I was going to reduce the amount of boss armor they have, but I can't figure out how to do it. The values aren't stored in entities2.xml like they are for the other entities that have it.
- (Disabled by default but can be enabled with a patch in the mod's directory) Greed gapers have slightly less HP so they are a bit easier to deal with in the Ultra Greed fight when you have low damage and / or tear stats.
- Angel and devil rooms are almost as good as each other now. Because of how good the items Repentance added to the angel room pools are, angel rooms are always going to be the best of the two to shoot for. There isn't much I can do to make them equally as good as each other, but I tried.
- Greed donation machines can sometimes appear in shops and very rarely in secret rooms (Can be disabled with a patch in the mod's directory).
- Coins can sometimes be found outside of completing waves.
- The Bloat is a less common foe and always appears towards the bottom of the room to prevent unfair damage.
- Mom's heart and It Lives no longer appear in the womb floors. It doesn't make sense to me that no final bosses from normal / hard are in greed / greedier except for them, so I decided to remove them. Especially since nothing special happens when you beat them.
- There are less waves that feature more than one Stain together.
- A few easter eggs have been added.
- There are now rare variations of the shop that can appear just like in normal / hard.
- Most (if not all) of the questionable design choices made in the original mod have been removed.
- Optional "patches" in the mod's directory that allow you to customize the game to your liking! There are onmly two at the moment. One that enables the now disabled Ultra Greed, Greedier, and greed gaper nerfs and one that removes all greed donation machines that appear outside of the final floor.
- And some minor changes!

Known Issues:
- Most secret rooms use the wrong backdrop. This is something I don't know how to fix, but if I figure out how to, I'll release a small update that gives every secret room their correct backdrop.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know in the comments! I'll try to fix any problems anyone encounters ASAP.

Planned features (I am the only person working on this mod, so don't expect these to come out anytime soon):
- A config menu that allows you to enable and disable the health nerfs, greed machines outside of the Ultra Greed floor, alter drops, bomb waves, and etc.
- An alt path consisting of the unused floors.
- Support for a few content mods (likely in the form of desperate compatibility mods)
- Challenges.
- More secrets!

Do NOT subscribe to this mod if you are playing Afterbirth +. It is not compatible with it and includes a lot of content that is only in Repentance.
Instead, please download the legacy version of this mod. It isn't the best and isn't as polished, but it includes a lot of the changes this mod makes.

Also, I am NOT responsible if this mod stops working after you combine it with a bunch of other mods that change things in greed / greedier. Because of how the modding API works, combining mods that alter the same files causes them to conflict with each other, which can lead to the mods not working, instability, and crashing. There is nothing I can do about this and I don't want to receive any reports that this mod is causing problems in someone's game because they tried to use it with other greed / greedier mods.

Steam version:


x 13

- Now compatible with the most recent update.

- Itempool.xml has been removed because _Kilburn (Vinh) fixed Greed / Greedier's item pools in the same ways this mod did (THANK YOU!).

- Two optional "patches" have been added to the mod's directory in a new folder named optional patches (placeholder until the mod config menu is added).

- The Ultra Greed, Greedier, and greed gapers health nerfs are disabled by default. To enable them, go to the new optional patches folder in the mod's directory and move the entities2.xml file in the "Ultra Greed and Greedier HP Nerf" folder to the mod's resources folder.

- Greed machines can still spawn in shops and secret rooms, but you can now disable them with one of the two new optional "patches".

- A few new exit rooms have been added (including a secret one).

- A few waves have received very minor tweaks.

- Item pools function how they are supposed to again (caused by the changes the most recent update made to itempools.xml).

- The removal of the old entities2.xml file that was responsible for the HP nerfs allows for the entities the most recent update added to function properly (most noticeably c section).

- The extremely rare bug that causes the ending chest not to spawn should never happen anymore. This only happened with specific characters.

- GMR should have less conflicts with other mods due to the removal of itempools.xml and entites2.xml (unless you manually enable the health nerfs with one of the optional "patches").

- Greed donation machine removal patch only: Shops that had greed donation machines are altered slightly to look more natural.

- Greed donation machine removal patch only: Secret rooms that had greed donation machines are altered slightly to look more natural and still be rewarding (with the exception of one) and had their weights adjusted.

- Fixed a few bugged rooms.

- Deleted God.

- The trapdoor that spawns when you have member card in your inventory can't be blocked by the greed machine anymore.

- Some shops' layouts were altered to accommodate the first change.

- A missing greed button in necropolis was added back in.

April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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