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Kingdom Hearts - Isaac Overhaul
Created 6 years ago
This project will be started again from scratch. I don't want to leave this mod unfinished, so I'll try my best to make a good Afterbirth compatible Kingdom Hearts themed mod for you guys. Even without the non-existing music looping and the ugly overlapping sprites! So give me some time to create something better and bigger!

Right now the mod is a REBIRTH mod and isn't compatible with AFTERBIRTH. If you still don't own Afterbirth (for whatever reason) or you downgraded to Rebirth, you are free to try the mod for yourself.


WARNING! This mod is in a VERY VERY early state! Most things are just placeholders and will be changed soon! Don't download if you want to really play it! It's faaar away from being finished!

All credit to Square Enix, Disney and Edmund McMillen! Thanks for creating such amazing games!

This mod plans to change every texture, music, sound and perhaps a few rooms to a Kingdom Hearts variant. For example: Mom's Knife = Keyblade (obvious one)
This mod will get updated every now and then, but don't expect much yet, the mod has only a few changes by now.

You are free to help me by commenting and telling me what you want to see in future updates!


x 63

- Changed The Womb/The Utero to Monstro

- Changed Mom's Heart/It Lives to Parasite Cage

- Changed Red Hearts to HP Orbs

- Changed Soul Hearts to MP Orbs

- Changed Black Hearts to Drive Orbs

- Changed Eternal Hearts to D-Link Orbs

- Removed Space Paranoids

- Removed Space Paranoids Music

- Removed Disney Town Music

- Renamed Space Paranoids (The Womb/Utero) to Monstro

- Renamed Disney Town (The Cathedral) to Dive to the Heart

- Already working on new stage designs and bosses ;D

- New Title Screen

- Replaced some floors (still WIP, some floors are buggy or just ugly. I'll fix them some time later)

- The Great Music Update!

- Changed every floor Theme!

- Changed name of the floors to Kingdom Hearts worlds!

- Changed Store Theme!

- Changed Ambush Theme!

- Changed The Calm Theme!

- Replaced old Basement Theme

- Replaced old Store Theme

- ~still bugged sprites

- For more detailed changelog visit

I don't have many ideas (by that i mean two), but you could make eden to xion and replace Mega Satan with that on big heartless from (f.e.) the beginning of Kingdom hearts Re:Coded
Hmm I was thinking of making a KH themed mod. I guess I can't make one now :/
Oh my god, this is freaking Amazing! Really great work! But I like to give you some advice if I can:

Sora as Isaac, Aqua as Magdalene, Xigbar as Cain, Lea as Judas, Xion as Eve, Riku as Samson, a Xehanort's form as Azazel, Roxas as Lazarus, Terra as Eden, Ventus as The Lost, Kairi as Lilith, Kingdom Key as Mom's Knife and Kingdom Key D or Way to the Dawn as Sacrifice Dagger, these are just little advice that you can decide whether or not to use. And again, good job, I'm sure the final results will be awesome, good luck.
I'm restarting this project from scratch, so please help me by commenting some ideas for items, enemies, floors, etc.!
Dose it have any sort of afterbirth support? Cause i really want to play it D:
I abandoned this project a few months ago because I didn't really like the sprites I did and also many things were really buggy or incomplete, but I'm actually restarting this project from scratch. It might take a while, because I don't want to release unfinished garbage again. But I'm sure it will look much better than... this. ^^
Awesome ^^ I really want to play it ^^ so i cant wait until you get a playable version up ^^ Ill be looking forward to it.
can you make it so mac users can use it
Knew there would be a Kingdom Hearts mod for Isaac
i'd love to see all of org xiii in there or at least the first 7 members and roxas
Realy great mod so far. I would love to see Eve as Xion because both are some of my favourites
I love this mod! The only thing i don't like at this moment is how some of the music doesn't loop correctly. Would you mind if i looped it for you? I already have some of it done and you don't need to give me credit ^.^
This would be awesome!
The looping music is one of the most annoying things in the mod, It would be really nice of you if you could fix it
Add me on steam if you want ^^
Thanks! Ill work on it some more today and ill have it all done in a few days or so ^.^ also steam name please?
Steam is refusing to let me add you. D:
Hey sorry i haven't been on for a while. I just got back from visiting my relatives. I will have the music done in a few days ^.^
An amazing mod, even though I don't usually like overhauls as much as simple mods, lots of detail, and I love it! Keep of the good work!
This is a great mod and I love the idea of it. However, I have some compliments, as well as some constructive criticism and suggestions for the mod. So if you don't want to see those, then skip past this comment.
First of all, great job on the Vanitas character; he has a difficult and unique learning curve with his abysmal damage and strong synergy, which I love.
I also like some of the color palates you chose for some of the worlds, such as Halloween Town.
But as you yourself mentioned, there are some floors where the theming is just a little... weird, the biggest example being the bloody red color of the womb mixing terribly with the neon blue of the Space Paranoids. Once again, you said that you will fix this later, and I'm sure that they will look fantastic in the end .
There are also some nit-picky suggestions I have that I personally believe will work for the best, though you are free whether to implement these ideas into the mod or not:
-Change the Cathedral to that place in the beginning of the first game with the stained glass; I just think it fits the theme of the Cathedral better.
-Change the Kingdom Key Keyblade to the Oblivion. I think that this will make a little more sense, since in the games only Sora and Roxas are seen actually using the KK.
-Change the Candle, Red Candle, and Crack the Sky with Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder respectively.
Once again, these are just little suggestions that you can decide whether or not to use. I know that this is an EXTREMELY early version of the mod and that there is much more work to do, but I am sure that the final product will be great
First, thanks for the honest comment
Second, Space Paranoids is definitely one of the first things I'll change, but I use this world because I think the Space Paranoids' boss, the MCP, fits with It Lives' movement, look and attacks. Also the Land of Dragons stage is way too bright and the floor doesn't even nearly look like snow.
I was already working on changing the cathedral to the Dive to the Heart (if you meant that place) and also some spells like you mentioned
I'm not sure if I'll change mom's knife to oblivion because the Kingdom Key is almost like a mascot for the Kingdom Hearts series, but perhaps I'll change the sacrificial dagger to oblivion (-> Valor Drive Form)
Okay, thanks for replying and sharing your thoughts . One idea that I just had for replacing with the PS is Monstro (the Pinocchio whale that you visited from the first game, not the Isaac boss), since it would thematically make sense being inside a giant creature. I also think that It Lives bears at least a vague resemblance to the Parasite Cage (Monstro Heartless boss). But once again, this is just a little idea that I thought off .
The Montro idea for the Womb is awesome! Id definitely go with that too haha
I actually thought of making a KH music mod haha I guess you beat me to it, plus you'll make it even bigger!

I'll look forward to this mod! Nice job!
Oh yes, this mod is going to be awesome !
Very good idea keep updating it!
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.