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The Binding Of Guts
Berserk in Isaac!
Created 2 years ago - trailer on YouTube

This mod replaces some songs, changes textures & sprites and adding custom challenges.
* Works with Repentance only! *


- 5 custom challenges:
Black Swordsman
Skull Knight

- Reworked title screen and its music (Berserk 2016 OST - Blood and Guts) including tainted characters screen

- Changed pentagram in Mega Satan room to brand of sacrifice

- Changed Mega Satan fight music (Black Swordsman ~UNLEASHED~)

- Pentagram maked by Black Powder item also a brand of sacrifice

- Changed death music to Guts Theme

- Delirium fight music replaced with Berserk - My Brother (Extended)

- Added "RIP MIURA" in top left corner of main menu

- Replaced fat Isaac to screaming Behelit in "Stop playing!" main menu variation

- Boss Delirium is retextured and renamed to Idea of Evil (only his head, not all bosses version)

- Every tainted character now has a brand of sacrifice on body in floor transitions (exceptions: Tainted Lost, Dark Esau)

- Changed run start sound

- Added 3 new load images

- Changed credits music

I will do more stuff later


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April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!