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Half Life Items [REP | 30 ITEMS!]
30 New Items! + MORE!
Created 3 years ago

This mod adds 30 brand new items and more from the Half-Life universe!

Steam Workshop Link:

Detailed item descriptions can be found in the guide below.

- External Item Descriptions compatibility!
- Item costumes!

- New items will be added in the future!
- New costumes will be added for the items that have none.
- Will add custom sounds when the sfx functions get fixed.
- Will add range stats to some items when it gets fixed as well.


- Car Battery item compatibility for active items.

Known Bugs(Important):
- Some items might work on both characters when playing co-op or with J&E despite only one character having the item.

Known Bugs(Less Important):
-When you have Vending Machine, all the hearts/coins spawned by the player (through items like portable slot machine or wooden nickel) will look like small soda cans spawned by Vending Machine.


!!! If this version doesn't work for some reason, try using the Steam version!!!

Just place the folder inside rar file into "steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/mods"


x 13

- Casserole now has 10% (instead of 25%) chance to drop red hearts.

- Fixed MCL giving damage up every time you pick up an item.

- Lowered Missile Control Locks damage to 4.

- XEN Portal now spawns a bishop 50% of the time instead of always.

- Added 3 new trinkets!

- Added 3 new trinkets!

- Fixed crashing when playing modded characters with starting items on hard mode.

- Changed HECU Backpack's function so instead of checking your pickups first, it gives pickups randomly now.

- Bugfixes and item balance changes.

- New costumes!

- 4 New Items!

- Bugfixes and optimizations.

- Fixed tears up items and Kidney Bean interaction.

- Xen Crystals now grant stat ups as well.

- Tweaked Xen Crystals a bit so everything is working as expected.

- Hivehand now works as just a stat multiplier, and the overall damage output is increased by ~20%.

- Hivehand now lowers the damage by 20% and increases tears by 40%

- New Items!(Xen Crystal 1, Xen Crystal 2, Xen Crystal 3)

- Forbidden Number cost reduced from 2 to 1 heart.

- Updated some item descriptions for EID.

- Fixed performance issues when using Crowbar.

- All active items (except Console) synergize with Car Battery now!

- Crowbar can now only open the doors that can be bombed and the damage is increased to 30.

- Chests spawned by Retinal Scanner will spawn near the player instead of getting stuck inside rocks sometimes.

- Items spawned by the Original Disc will now spawn near the player instead of random places.

- Casserole is now a quality 1 item.

- Casserole has its base chance increased to 25% and now there is a costume for this item!

- New Item!(Casserole)

- Fixed Headcrab creating infinite flies on some characters.

- Fixed some items creating errors on the debug console.

- Added custom wisps for actives.

- Added custom wisps for actives.

- Most items work for second players now.

- Fixes for Console item.

- Console's damage up, luck up and immortality now colors isaac differently for a single room for better feedback. (blue for immortality, green for luck and red for damage)

- New costumes!

- Lowered Rusty Pipe special tears damage.

- Fixed all chance based tears sometimes not applying despite being at max luck required.

- New Item!(Rusty Pipe)

- Fixed soy milk / almond milk interaction with tears up items.

- Healing Liquid item is completely changed

- Bug fixes.

- Fixed HEV Suit preventing Mausoleum access.

- Fixed HEV Suit preventing Mausoleum access.

- Bug fixes.

- New Item!(Scientist's Syringe)

- Updated item pools.

- Adjusted devil deal prices.

- Fixed costumes

- Fixed HEV Helmet's and HEV Suit's interaction with Forbidden Number

- New item!(Nihilant's Call)

- Fixed Suit Battery not accounting for rotten hearts.

- Fixed infinite item spawning when you have HEV Suit and Forbidden Number.

- 2 New Items! (Original Disc, Healing Liquid)

- Changes:

- HEV Helmet now grants explosion immunity

- HEV Suit now grants spike immunity

- Energy Ball base chance is reduced to 2% (now 100% at 12 Luck)

- Fixes:

- Energy Ball tears don't become invisible when you take Lost Contact

does it work for Rebirth?. (yeah,im broke as fuck)
Very good mod . but here is bug. when you have forbidden number and hev suit. when you stand on spikes. pick ups will spawn infinitly
Should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!