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[REP] Tilu's 20+ challenge collection
A basic mod which adds some fun challenges to play!
Created 1 year ago
This mod adds some custom challenges to the game. They are ment to be mainly fun and some of them, a lil' challenging. ITS RECOMENDED NOT TO DROP STARTING ITEMS OR TRINKETS, THEY ARE MENT TO BE PART OF THE CHALLENGE.

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Challenge list: (look into the Steam Workshop article)

Once you installed the mod (extract the .zip file in your mod folder) go to the challenge list and press TAB to see the custom challenges list.
I'll be updating when new ideas come to me (leave yours in the comment section, PD: I dont know LUA stuff... yet)

These challenges were made for my bro chilltv in Twitch.
Have fun


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- Updated the mod description. (steampage)

- Nerfed Great Saturn with Unicorn Stuomp and 9 Volt.

- Nerfed Boomerang starting with ??? and finishing in the 2nd floor.

- Nerfed Keep moving! With holy mantle.

- Nerfed Die hard with Damocles and Blood Oath; also shops dont spawn.

- Fixed Step on the cracks: challenge rooms can't appear anymore, they caused softlocks because cracks dont spawn with late spawned enemies.

- Nerfed Step on the cracks with Goat Hoof.

- Nerfed Ummovable, unstoppable now ending at the 2nd floor.

- Nerfed Gulp! now playing with Isaac.

- Fixed Gulp! that previously started with The Poop instead Smelter, now starting correctly with Mom's box and the Smelter by changing the character to Isaac.

- Buffed Gulp! now ending in the Sheol/Cathedral.

- Fixed an error in "Gulp!": you were suposed to start with the smelter as well.

- Now "Gulp!" is also a bit harder: you start the challenge as ???.

- (The mod was also updated to 5.0 but I didn't uploaded it as I updated to the 5.1 some minutes later, 5.0 included 4 new challenges: Deadly walk - Ummovable, unstoppable - Toxic - Gulp!)

- The icon has been corrected to match te challenge quantity.

- (4.0 Update wasn't uploaded here, but it added 4 new challenges: Die hard - Step on the cracks - Soul trading - Breaking apart)

- Removed Contagion item from the Collateral damage challenge (doesn't cause a dangerous explosion).

- Four new challenges! Collateral damage - Keep moving! - Reroll! - The pooper

- Now Milk! is a starting item in The Masochist

- Now Treasure rooms can't spawn in The Masochist

- Four new challenges! Death floor - Electro fest - Lost in the conga - Boomerang

- Added Broken Stopwatch to the Glitched Out challenge.

April 10, 2022 - 3 months ago
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