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Pap Horn
Little + Big Horn Cat Retexture
Created 8 months ago


Say hello to Little and Big Pap!
This started from me having the "Little Horn" Item, and thinking the slapping hands should be Cat Paws.
This is only a Graphics Mod.


  • Changes the Item "Little Horn" to the "Shedded Claw."
  • - Item Appearence changed.
    - Description changed.
  • Turns "Little Horn" into "Little Pap."
  • - Now fires Yarn. [Also, so do other Bosses. Would fix, but it makes me laugh.]
    - Turn up Volume for Cat Noises!
  • Turns "Big Horn" into "Big Pap."

Other Stuff

Doesn't currently include Delerium Forms. No current plans to add them, but may in the future.

Steam Workshop Link

Video Example of Little Pap.
Video Example of Big Pap.


x 5

- Updated to fix "Knife Room 2" Crashing Issue.

- Updated to fix Character "Bethany" Hair Issue.

nevermind it works
(some other mods dont' work tho :/)
Hi, glad you got it working, was the Steam Version giving you issues still?
April 5, 2021 - 10 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.