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No Run Killers
Quality of Life item removals
Created 2 years ago
Removes the following items from all item pools:
- Curse of the Tower
- The Wiz
- Isaac's Heart
- Bob's Brain
Also removes the teleportation effect from Cursed Eye


x 7

- Un-removed Tiny Planet

- Changed mod folder name

Bro, You should make this compatible with the mod config menu so people can enable and disable certain things. Like for example, I would love the wiz removed, but I personally enjoy bob's brain xD. Just hope you think about it
What kind of absolute psychopath enjoys bob's brain?!
Edmund once said it was his favorite item
Bob's brain has won me a couple runs, its not bad you just need to not be two inches from the enemy
Its nice to have a deployable nuke for 2 charges
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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