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Polling of Isaac: Repentance
Twitch plays TBOI: Repentance
Created 1 year ago
This is a remake of The Polling of Isaac but for Repentance!

This mod will place 4 items in every item room. This mod is intended to be used by streamers, to poll their chat, but can also be used by people who play Co-op. Rooms such as Double-Key Rooms, Error Rooms and Curse Rooms are also affected, assuming they would normally contain items.

The intended way to use this mod as a streamer is that you launch a poll if streaming, where chat can vote for #1 through #4, and you can only take the winning result, no matter how bad it could be, or if playing Co-op, one item per player. Can also be used in normal runs to get spicy synergies, though.

Both Devil and Angel rooms are affected, holding a choice of 4* items to choose from!
*Unless I missed any rooms

Planetariums will contain a choice between 2 items, or rarely, they'll allow you to take both.

This mod also works with both Greed and Greedier Mode.

Available on the Steam Workshop!


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- Fixed Alt Path item rooms

April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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