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SAVE Isaac Repentance 100%
full unlock save saac Repentance
Created 2 years ago
how to :

Step 1: Close Steam to avoid cloud sync during the process.

Step 2: Go to the Rebirth Remote Backups directory (Steam install directory). (Screenshot)

Step 3: Now it is better to make a backup of these files use your preferred method (copy them elsewhere, compress them in zip or other, etc.)

Step 4 : unzip the file you have downloaded "".

Step 5 : replace the content of the folder remote.

Step 6 : launch the game/ file 3/ stats/ secrets.

Step 7 : you got all the steam succes and the game full unlock.


x 46

- update the file save

I forgot to close Steam and my success was 100%. how can i get it back
None of the repentance content is unlocked on the file you uploaded, either change the name to indicate that it only unlocks through AB+ content or update the file to actually have repentance content unlocked.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! But why is only the 3rd save completed?
pov: you don't know how to locate trough files
thank you man, it was exactly what I wanted!
I don't get step 6,could you elaborate - at this point I started the game from Steam and nothing changed.
open the game, select the save 3, go to the stats, go to the secrets
It does not unlock any of the repentance content.
did you folow the path in the screenshot ?
what is the blurred options in the picture I cannot figure it out
personal information the full link is :

this pc\"user session"\programs\steam\userdata\"number of your steam account"\250900\remote
this mod is the save game for repentance.
Umm... Maybe something happened but it's not fully unlocked for me. There are like 50% of the secrets unlocked only on file3.
I get ''HTTP ERROR 404'' as soon as i click to download link. I guess it's corrupted. Can you please check it? Thanks!
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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