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Repentance: The Equalizer
Gives all items an equal chance of appearing in item pools
Created 2 years ago
This mod gives all items an equal chance of appearing in item pools, much like how the pools were before Repentance.


To install this mod extract the resources-dlc3 folder to the main directory of your game installation.

Note: This mod will receive a major update when the Repentance modding API is enabled


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- bug fix

I'm almost positive that this mod doesn't actually work, presumably due to the game not loading resources from that folder anymore in this manner (ever since Repentance released).

Tainted Cain's crafting recipes are partially based on item weights. The recipes all still work the same, therefore this mod does not work.
FWIW this mod does the same and is on the workshop and should work fine:
Simple install go to folder main folder of the game open tools folder go to ResourceExtractor and open ResourceExtractor.exe when open cmd in your screen press enter wait for process finish and now go to main game folder again the resources-dlc3 folder appear now extract the mod in this folder
Crashes the game after selecting a character.
I just successfully downloaded a mod into TBoI for the first time and I gotta say that I'm really satisfied with the mod. Made a huge difference in my runs. The game is actually fun again for me.
the resources-dlc3 folder doesn't exist. all i have is the resources folder.
When I use this my game crashes after selecting a character, and the save gets corrupted. Thankfully didn't lose anything because of the backup system, but I still wanna get the mod working. Has anybody else had this issue and fixed it somehow?
After about 50+ runs using the mod it would appear that it 'kinda' works where i would say about every 5th run i notice I don't get the same old starting fodder items that I normally get each run. Also why oh why this change to the item drops for Repetance. I didn't 1001% the game just to keep having Mom's Lipstick drop all the time! Sorry for the mini-rant.
After playing another 500+ runs im gonna say no this doesnt work at all. hopefully mod support comes soon though
It works when you get it in the C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Repentance
and not in ...\steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
I may be stupid but, i dowloaded the mod, extracted it, put it in the "ressources" doc of my binding of isaac's steam library and then it dosn't seems to work, did i do something wrong?
I don't seem to have a resources-dlc3 folder, even though I do have Repentance, any ideas how to use this mod? all my resources are packed as .a files
pirated version this is the meaning
this website is hooked up to your steam account so I dont know if you're able to get it. its worth a shot just putting it into the games resource files and testing it.
Sadly, I don't think this mod works.

To test if it actually works, I set the weight of 1 item (The Sad Onion) to something absurdly high like 1000, which should practically guarantee that I find it. After about 10 restarts, I still didn't see it.

The mod is installed correctly. The "resources-dlc3" folder is in my game folder, with the itempools.xml file in it.
That's because that isn't how item weight works.

Item weight sets the chance of an item being rerolled when it'd otherwise appear. If it has an item weight of 1, it has a 0% chance of being rerolled. If it has an item weight of 0.5, it has a 50% chance of being rerolled, if it's 0.2 it has an 80% chance, etc.

Setting it to 1000 obviously wouldn't do much of anything because you can't have a negative chance to reroll an item.
Oh I see, thanks. My bad. I thought it was like the traditional type of "weight" where it would just be more likely or less likely to generate depending on the weight.
I could be wrong, maybe there's some math whiz who's figured this shit out separately from the wiki where it isn't posted, but I'm fairly sure that what I described is how weight works.

Unfortunately, though, I don't think this mod works for a different reason, which is that XML mods in general don't seem to work right now. I tried to make my own today, clean up the item pools to be what I think would be more fitting for them (and to clean out some of the AB+ bloat that's clogging up item pools and only exists to be reroll fodder), didn't work. I've been hearing others have had the same results with their own XML modifications right now.
A weight of 1 translates to 1 to every other item in the pool, so you would have to set every other item to 0 to get Sad Onien for sure.
Going out on a limb here and say that this mod isn't working as intended? I can't be certain... but while playing multiplayer, I am getting WAY too many health ups, not enough damage. This mod SHOULD fix that, correct?

I also can't tell single player...
Would love it if someone made a mod to add the knife pieces to the starting room, tried modifying it myself but never got it to work
How do I check to see if the mod is working, I dropped it in the resources folder.
Thanks for the mod.
So the directory you place it is
steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources-dlc3
Thank god, I was wondering why all my runs felt so same-y.
How do you know if you have installed the mod correctly?
Are there any visual indicators to show if it was successfull?
can you tell us how to enable mods if you dont mind, i just want to know how to enable mods even if they are disabled
I'm not sure how to do this as of now. This mod does not require mods to be enabled. I will look in to enabling native mods to see if its possible without decompiling the game.
pretty sure u cant enable or disable mods
u gotta do the old method of unpacking resources
I have managed to enable native AB+ mods in Repentance, but my method uses a byte patch, which is not a very elegant solution.
Is there a way that I can create my "mods" in the game and alter the values even though the "mod" option is disabled?

Because I wish I could do what this boy does in his videos but I don't know how to do it or what program to use.
Yes! Absolutely, there are a few steps involved that I cant cover all in one comment. Add me on Discord if you like: Matthew B#2210
Not sure how to add you on discord. I've been trying to make an itempools.xml file of my own (adjusting item weights, adding some items to some pools, removing them from others, exterminating certain AB+ bloat items from the game altogether) but it doesn't really seem to work in game (Glaucoma should be removed from the treasure pool in the XML but an infinite D6 test in-game shows it still appears there). Is there a way that you've managed to bypass this, or are you not sure if XML files currently work either?
Can you unlock new achievements using this mod?
Yes! Achievements will not be disabled after installing this mod.
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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