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Twitch Integration for Isaac
Twitch chat interaction mod.
Created 3 years ago
This mod will capture chat input, and then output it to the game! It uses some external files that are all included in the mod folder to determine the commands that it processes.

To get the bot to work, you need 3 things:

A target Twitch channel: this is the channel you are likely streaming from

A Twitch username: This is if you are using a dedicated bot account. If you are not, then just set this as your twitch user name.
Twitch OAUTH Code: You need to get an OAUTH code from
here ( and paste it into the bot. Please make sure its the same account as the username field.

The next step, you need to right click on isaac in steam, and add this to your launch options: "--luadebug" without the quotes. This allows the game to access the queue of commands from twitch.

After this, place the entire Twitch folder into your isaac mod folder.
This is located in different places depending on your Isaac version. You can get to the Repentance location by browsing local files from within steam.

Afterbirth: C:\Users\$USER$\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods\
Repentance: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods\

If you are downloading this from the steam workshop, you will have to acquire the chatbot.exe seperatly. Steam is not a fan of uploading .exe files (with good reason).
I recommend getting it from either the support discord, or the Modding of Isaac website. The link to the mod there is It contains the full package, to include all required files. Add the rest of the mod files from that 7z file to your twitch mod folder.

Then, inside of that Twitch folder, is an EXE Labeled IsaacChatBot.exe. Launch this. Paste the twitch data you gathered into the fields, and then hit connect.

Launch Isaac, and then enable the mod if its not. You will now the mod is working, if the text "Twitch Chat bot is live!" is at the bottom left corner.

Chat commands:
Chat commands are located in Chatpoll.txt. If you have isaac lua scripting knowledge, you can add more commands! or remove some. if you are adding/removing, all three files need the same number of lines. Reach out in the support channel for help with this if you need.

Command Queue:
If there are alot of unexecuted commands, and your run ends (ie you die, you win, you lose power and your computer turns off), the commands will carry over into the next run.

Known Bugs:
3 letter commands do not work. If you use the default command list, this will not come up, but if you go about modifying it, then it will.

The multiplier allows for viewers to use commands like "99x dipman", to put up to 99 commands into the queue. Don't try 0x dipman. It knows....

Spam Control Update:
1.5 adds a new way of controlling having the same commands spammed over and over. Every single item has their own individual cooldown.

***Note: 1.5.0 has most cool downs set to 30 seconds. I am actively checking out streams and attempting to adjust. With the addition of 1.5.0, the base command list is up to 168 commands. this is quite hard for 1 man to balance cooldowns for all of this. I am also open to suggestions of course, but i will be adjusting them throughout the week and releasing 1.5.1 with an updated base cooldown list.

The Multiplier has been causing strange crashes on larger numbers. The bot.exe crashes, but the game will continue to run. to fix this, close and re-open the bot.exe. Multiplier is toggle-able. Use at your own risk.

I am no longer supporting this bot at this time. I really just haven't had any time to. In the future, still might update it though.

The app still works though, and can be customized as well (never did work out red key though).


x 40

- Updated instructions.

- Fixed a couple of broken commands. tweaked the cooldowns on some items (this is all the default. It can of course, be customized in cool.txt).

- Added 108 commands to base.

- Added individual cooldowns for items.

- I broke it with the last update. This fixes that.

- Added multi-commands per message toggle, and disabled teleport commands by default.

- Introduced a spam controller.

- Fixed a bug in main.lua where a variable was mispelt.

- I tested it today and immediately found some bugs. I fixed them!

- Enemy Spawn fix is now correctly implemented.

- Spawning Pennies now works. It was ignoring the first entry in the list.

- lucky works with the multiplier. This one was finicky. Let me know if its broken.

- Forgot to clean up Lua file. Woopsy!

is there a way to just set it up where my discord freinds can just mess with me? Just curious that sounds fun.
Awesome mod ! I could test it on stream and this was a fine salty funny moment xD (Even if some commands didn't worked).
Here are my two videos of it (french commentary) :
So this mods is awesome ! took me too long to set it up tho, becouse i didnt see the "Twitch Chat bot is live!" at the bottom left corner. But it still worked.
I used this on stream last night... This was some of the most STUPID FUN I've ever had in Isaac! Though I must suggest changing envytime to spawning normal Envy instead of Super Envy, because with a whole chat spamming it, you can get stuck in Basement 1, even with spam protection...
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!