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The Binding of Specs
He's Fast and Prepared!
Created 3 years ago
He's fast, has penetrative shot, and prepared! Play as Specs from the Splatoon manga series.

His Stats:
Speed: 1.50
Range: 28.25
Shot Speed: 2.20
Damage: 4.50 (1.00 more than Isaac himself)
Keys: 0
Health: 3 Norm. Heart Containers

Note: Some items and all transformations in the game may cause the model of the character to look abnormal. It's recommended to use the no costumes mod at this link: *

*requires afterbirth +

The Characters of the Splatoon Manga Belongs to Sanckichi Hindeya (I probably spelled that wrong lol)

The Concept and Game(s) of Splatoon belongs to Nintendo

*(This Character's a work in process so it may not be balenced)
**(Hutts, if you see this, I always loved your videos, they we're always a joy to watch, keep it up!)


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April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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