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banj challenge pack
cool challenge pack, updates over time ;D
Created 1 year ago
Banj Challengepack is a challengepack with lots of cool challenges!!! Best off all, new challenges will be added over time (when we hit the like goal, this is to prevent me from spending time on something that doesnt get any attention)

the challengepack contains:
- r u a wizard
- darkest night
- CHAOS!!!
- true champion
- playtester
- a choice
- error 404, challenge not found
- crucifixion
- time paradox
- sam on steroids
- BoUnCy BaLl
- endless options?
- SILVER BANJ (extra)

UPDATE V1.1 WILL RELEASE AFTER WE HIT 3 LIKES (cmon boys we are close d: )

further details about the specific challenges, ill be going over them by number, so r u a wizard is 1, darkest night is 2 etc. It should also be noted that for almost every challenge on the list item rooms and dice rooms are disabled.

1. YAY, you are a wizard now. Starting with the Wiz and spoon bender youll be set for a magical adventure

2. Its dark, your blue baby, you cant fire tears and all you have is a blue candle. Long story short, you are up for a dreadful night

3. shops are chaos'ed and restore their offers, but its the only way to get items.

4. You are a true champ because you have the belt and a purple heart. (PS, i know you can take off the purple heart but cmon now, be a champ, play the way intended to play)

5. tech .5 and technology, your tears are lasers and your dreams come true.

6. duality and goat head will make you choose between hell and heaven

7. You have Missing No, so yeah, enjoy your daily dose of rng goodness

8. Explosivo, Curse of the tower and bobs brain, all you need to know d;

9. You are the lost (yay), geared up with trisagion and censer you continue your mission to slay the intruder

10. Continuum time boiiiiii

11. Pay2Play and Money=Power goodness, Youll come to find that money is quite litteraly everything

12. Ever wondered how Samson got so strong? Steroids, thats how (euthanesia + expirimental treatment)

13. Haemolacria can be a pain or a blessing depending on what you find later on in the game

14. There is just so much options

15. Ah the special cherry on top. With every update a buffed version of this challenge will release. Ever increasing doom!!!

Notes :

The challenges arent exactly that challenging, but the next update will add more challenging challenges as well as a variety of balance changes. Its not the hardest thing in the world, and its fine like that, but im planning on increasing the diffeculty the tiniest tad, so you dont 1 attempt EVERY single challenge.

in case of bugs happening related to the challenges leave a comment.

steam version may be easier to install:

(10-03-2020) modding of isaac version release
(12-05-2020) the mod page now describes the challenges
(13-05-2020) fixed a bug in silver banj where you could pick up the polaroid (now you are forced to pick up the negative as i intended to)
(17-05-2020) major ajustments to 'crusifiction' 'lab rat', added 1 item to '404 challenge not found'


x 5

- reworked crucifiction challenge

- reworked lab rat challenge

- renamed 'lab rat' > 'sam on steroids'

- added 'undefined' item to 'error 404 challenge not found'

- fixed a bug in silver banj where you could pick up the polaroid (now you are forced to pick up the negative as i intended to)

April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.