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Rainbow Dash
Every brony's favorite pastel horse as a new character!
Created 1 month ago

New Character: Rainbow Dash!

Character Features

  • Rainbow Dash has probably the most sprite effort I've put into any one of my commissions thusfar, second of that to my own Eevee Mod.
  • Rainbow Dash is not balanced, like at all. +0.15 Speed, homing, starts with Humbling Bundle, and is always flying. Your only downside is 1 Red Heart and 1 Soul Heart.
  • Instead of tears, you throw blue horseshoes.
  • Dash comes with a specially made Brimstone spritesheet and costume, sporting the Element of Loyalty instead!

The custom Brimstone costume is not compatible with the No Costumes Mod or any mods that interfere with the animation file of the default Brimstone costume.

This is a commissioned character! If you're interested in commissioning your own character, look to my commission sheet on my Steam profile and add me in any of the listed contacts to discuss further!

This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop

(If anyone wants to collab to improve on this commission with balanced gameplay as an addon, hit me up)


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