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Missing hud 2
Created 3 years ago
A useful program showing the characteristics directly in the game.

1.Unzip to the game folder or to any convenient place.

2. Run the game to start the race.

3.Start missingHUD 2


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MAN I just wanna use this pls for Mac pls I have nothing I can do nothing w Mac this computer so bad pls pls at least do this for me im begging

for the people saying it doesnt work, make sure the missing hud folder is in the boi rebirth folders and then extract the folder, click missing hud folder, and then run the one with a different icon. if avast blocks it just say allow.
edit: you also have to keep the hud loader open.
going to the actual github page for missinghud2 and downloading version 1.4.0 worked for me
the mod dont work on Rebirth
The same thing happens to me, I put it in the resources folder and enter and nothing appears . There must be some problem when extracting it or something should not match
Incase you didn't see it, run the application inside the mod folder so it'll run the mod.
i don't know how to install it, i putted it into the resources folder but not working :c
you have to put the extracted folder into the boi rebirth game files then run the one with a different icon
this is good for people that cant afford afterbirth+. LIKE ME
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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