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Community Remix Remixed
Restores and remixes some old isaac content
Created 1 year ago
Community Remix Remixed is a celebration of the history of Isaac and Isaac modding. It (unofficially) brings back some old forgotten items and concepts, most from Community Remix, and upgrades/expands on them to fit within Rebirth's standards.

This mod includes new unlockables. Your progress can be viewed with Mod Config Menu, included in this mod.

Community Remix Remixed section in the Modding of Isaac wiki:

The trailer theme can be found here:


Subscribe to Mod Compatibility Hack to ensure stability with other mods.

This mod superscedes some previously standalone community remixed themed item mods (uploaded by piber), unsubscribe from them if you are subscribed.

Restart the game after starting it for the first time after you subscribe to this mod. This will make sure certain assets load correctly.


Even though this mod includes them, you can download/subscribe to piber20 helper, Mod Config Menu, and MiniMAPI to ensure you have the latest version of these mods.

Adam's unlock progress should be accurately displayed in the pause menu if you have Completion Note API.

This mod is compatible with True Co-op.

All the items have descriptions for use with External Item Descriptions.


Main Developers:
piber, Bustin Blotch, orisghost, peas, lambchop

Sound Design:
Wertandrew, HappyHead

Video Editor:

Eye_Sakk, Dr Tapeworm, Electoon, TRPG, budj

Special Thanks:
Edmund McMillen, Florian Himsl, Salavander, SyNRG, Oldbob12, Likenator99, Garnco, Ejuneau, LeatherIceCream, SINIU, EpicJoe, CatnipOverdose, J.Medina, _Kilburn


Steam Workshop:
Google Drive:


x 14

- Fix sfx error in sinner's scars code

- Throwables now support mouse controls and joystick controls better

- Updated integrated minimapapi to 1.12

- Updated integrated mod config menu to v21. Fixes an issue where starting a new run would prevent you from opening the menu and play a buzzer sound.

- Updated integrated minimapapi to v1.10. No longer says it is out of date in the config menu, and automatically supports config menu's hud offset.

- Updated integrated piber20 helper to v120. Fixes an issue where the game would crash when starting a new run if a pickup was on screen when ending the previous run.

- Removed all traces of cached value bullshit. May be more performance costly but it will lessen crashes and instability. It's snake oil.

- Redid Adam's costume fixes. His unique appearance will now always be retained when using d4, d100, the dice room, and missingno, and anything else that triggers the d4 effect.

- Changed the method of which some items give costumes to not require lua.

- Updated piber20 helper to version 119. Fixes an issue with saves being reset when ending a run.

- Updated piber20 helper to v118

- Added embeddablecallbackhack.lua

- Changed versioning scheme.

- Texture updates:

- Ritual Sins' eyes and mouths are now white instead of transparent.

- Added a resprite for the Dead Cat item, half of it now has Tammy's colors.

- Transformation changes:

- Dead Cat now contributes to the Tammy transformation.

- Lil Loki now contributes to the Loki transformation.

- Room changes:

- Added some special rooms.

- Attempted to fix wall texture issues with some super secret rooms.

- Added some new Utero rooms.

- Replaced pits in some treasure room layouts with other grid entities.

- Integrated mods:

- Updated support for and integrated Mod Config Menu. (v19)

- Updated piber20 helper. (v116)

- Integrated Minimap API. (workshop build as of april 10)

- Restructured spritesheets for minimap icons.

- Forbidden Seed and Donkey's Jawbone changes:

- Donkey's Jawbone and Forbidden Seed's apples now get automatically thrown when picked up while holding a fire key.

- Damage of Forbidden Seed's apples now scale based on the player's damage. May be adjusted later based on feedback.

- Added proper pick up sounds to Donkey's Jawbone and Forbidden Seed's apples.

- Forbidden Seed's seeds no longer spawn if the room is clear.

- Lowered chance for regular tears to be converted into Forbidden Seed's seeds.

- Updated p20helper to v115

- Added minimap icons to the new pickups, these become visible with MiniMAPI enabled

April 5, 2021 - 11 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.