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Mod Config Menu
Ingame tool to configure mods
Created 1 year ago
The Mod Config Menu is a mod that adds a new menu to the game that enables other mods to provide a simple and easy way for the player to configure them.

This mod does not do much on its own, to get into the real action you should download a mod which supports this menu.


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around, backspace or Q to go back, E space or enter to select an item.

By default you can open the menu by pressing L.

F10 will also always open the menu, this cannot be changed.

Both control sticks and the dpad can be used to move around, press B to go back, A to select an item.

By default you can open the menu by pressing down the right control stick.


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x 18

- Update SaveHelper

- Removed debug message ("show controls" in the console) when starting a game. Was accidentally left in.

- Reduced usage of else ifs in the old version compatibility metatable.

- Removed unneccesary and potentially overflow causing (due to no rawget) else condition in the old version compatibility metatable.

- Split old version compatibility code to a separate script file.

- Removed Cache Helper and all forms of caching game objects. Fixes the menu being unopenable when starting another run, may have fixed other issues too.

- Save Helper now runs before MCM, fixes issue with MCM's save not being loaded by the time Callback Helper's game start callback triggers.

- Show Controls setting now removes the start up message when disabled.

- No longer errors if no table is provided when loading a save, allows for comfortably setting mod config menu's save to false by default.

- Updated Table Helper to v2, adds better handling for filling a table value into a non-table value inside a table.

- Fixed MCM.UpdateSubcategory attempting to pull the subcategory using the category name instead of the subcategory name.

- Changed some local variable names to make it more clear if the name is for a subcategory or a category

- Update Cache Helper to version 2

- Now caches more data at player init and caches data at new level, fixes an issue with the menu not being openable when another run starts (hopefully)

- Exposed MCM.MenuData to the ModConfigMenuData global in the old version compatibility layer, allows more unupdated mods to work.

- Added some cached values to the old version support code, works better with mods that haven't been updated.

- General changes:

- Split the general section into two sections, one specific to Mod Config Menu and the other meant to apply to all mods which support it.

- Changed some descriptions and text to make things more clear.

- Upscaled the text display at the start of the game, and also changed the font. Works better with the filter on + odd render scales.

- Unselectable text is now slightly grayed out by default.

- Overhauled saving code, should work better.


- Technical changes:

- Changed script structure to work as a script you need to require.

- No longer makes use of globals, if you want to interact with MCM you NEED to require the script.

- Refactored ModConfigMenu to MCM.

- Saving now works better as an integrated file, a function can be called to retrieve the save and the save can be loaded into the config menu via another function.

- Changed local renderingConfigMenu variable to MCM.IsVisible, stored in the table.

- Restructured assets, split spritesheets into separate images and simplified some things.

- Fixed some instances of values being global when they shouldn't be.

- Split non-MCM specific code into separate lua libraries.

- Screen Helper:

- Based on some screen-related functions from mod config menu and piber20 helper.

- Some functions based on code provided by Kilburn_.

- Makes custom hud offset easier to support.

- Meant to be a general solution for rendering stuff at specific screen positions and to make it easier to support hud offset.

- Callback Helper:

- Based on custom callback code from piber20 helper.

- Makes it easier to combine all callbacks of the same type to a single one, for use in bugged callbacks where only one will work.

- Makes creation of custom callbacks easier.

- Contains some general-usage custom callbacks to make it easier for modders to run code when they want.

- Used by Mod Config Menu to add new callbacks for when certain settings are changed.

- Table Helper:

- Based on some table manipulation functions from mod config menu and piber20 helper.

- Makes it easier to manipulate lua tables.

- Input Helper:

- Based on input-related functions from mod config menu and piber20 helper.

- Helps to manage keyboard vs controller input and handling.

- Makes managing player input a little easier

- Save Helper:

- Used to make saving data easier and simpler.

- Supports data specific to the room, the level, the whole run, and persistent data as a whole.

- Cache Helper:

- Stores some commonly used values, free to use for other mods to save performance.

- Old version support:

- The standalone version of the mod will still use globals, and on top of that, the old variable names, to allow for mods that haven't been updated to still work.

this would be useful for rebirth
How do I properly install this in rebirth? Sorry I am new here and the guides don't fully explain.
I can't get the menu to work using either L or F10. There seems to be something up as on a different mod I can't use F2 for that either

April 5, 2021 - 11 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.