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TBOI: Nicer and less crude
Removes all the crude and offensive parts of TBOI
Created 2 years ago
The Binding of Isaac is a fun game to play, with many good gameplay elements and infinite replayability. However, it's also full of disgusting and horrible references that serve no purpose other than annoying and grossing out the player, as well as references to outdated internet memes. This has always prevented me from playing the game for very long, so I decided to make this mod to remedy that and make it a bit more bearable.

What this mod does

  • Changes poop enemies into eyeballs
  • Changes environmental poop into mushrooms
  • Turns fat enemies into stone golems
  • Replaces most of the familiars with enigmatic totems
  • Turns certain pickup items into more "fantasy" versions, like magic potions and spells
  • Makes the food pickups that raise HP look more appetizing and less sad
  • Changes many costumes to be less violent
  • Eliminates many references to internet memes contained in item descriptions, pill descriptions, etc
  • Changes trollface bombs into weird organic-looking blobs
  • And other minor changes!

Additional notes
I made this mod in a rush so some of the graphical edits are a little sloppy. Also, these edits are mainly focused on the early game, so if you unlock areas like the Sheol and the Womb there will be fewer edits present. Future updates may fix this!

1. Unzip the download file.
2. Place "TBOI_nicer" in the folder "Documents\My Games\The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods"
4. Done! Message me if you need help.

Future plans
Changing the Mom boss into a different monster
Editing the rest of the costumes and items
Editing the mid-level dream cutscenes


x 2

- Mom now has a new set of sprites. Audio is unchanged.

Give isaac some clothes while you're at it
Nice job,
Thanks to you this game can now be appreciated by a broader audience!
This whole game is about Isaacs mother trying to kill him because a fake god said so...
April 5, 2021 - 11 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.