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Eevee is a new adorable character with 5 available eeveelutions!
Created 2 years ago

This mod is no longer supported on MOI due to constant updates as well as a new feature that would only work if it stayed exclusively on the Steam Workshop. Please head to the Steam Workshop version below and subscribe to it there:

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- Additions

- Created player data for other modders to use named "Eevol", which contains the same string for the mod's save data that tracks what evolution you are. So if you wanted to do anything specific for the eeveelutions, use player:GetData().Eevol and check for "umbreon", "flareon" "vaporeon", etc. Will automatically include any eeveelutions added in the future!

- Debug items have been replaced with actual debug console commands!

- Type "evolution" and then your desired evolution! Works with "eevee" and "sanio as well.

- Type "shinytoggle" to toggle on and off a shiny form.

- Changes

- Debug items have been removed entirely in favor of the new debug console commands

- The way evolutions are handled and their icon renders (Chargebars and otherwise) are much more efficient and readable in the code.

- Bug Fixes

- Renders specific to eeveelutions such as the chargebars now load appropriately when continuing a save

- Fixed Vaporeon's neck fin not showing up when walking up

- POSSIBLY fixed the Boss Vs. Render Bug. It was only one of many possible ways it's not showing up for others.

- Additions

- A little nose was added to Eevee and every evolution's side heads.

- Leafeon's sprites (aside from the boss vs., as with Glaceon) have been completed, and has been implemented into the mod. -Like Glaceon, they have no special stats or abilities yet, and can only be obtained through gaining a debug item via "g gain leafeon" in the debug console

- Changes

- Save data is handled slightly differently now. Overall, save data should now reset much more properly but also retain data just as well, such as the unlocks.

- The color of Eevee and every evolution's nose has been changed to a dark grey to accomodate for the nose originally being the same color as the outline, which would result in the new side nose looking strange.

- Umbreon's color palette was changed again. The darker shades are now slightly lighter.

- Bug Fixes

- Espeon and Umbreon can no longer be unlocked by killing Satan/Isaac on any floor

- Unlocks are no longer finnicky in whether they actually unlock or not, and for appearing every time you beat the required boss for every new game session.

- Fixed any issues relating to emoticon priority

- Fixed any issues relating to the Sun and Moon beams not spawning.

- Fixed some unproper shading on one of Umbreon's ears.

- Additions

- Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon have brand new moves! They use Flare Blitz, Charge/Discharge, and Aqua Ring respectively.

- Proper unlocks! You must now defeat specific major bosses/boss rush in order to unlock the eeveelutions. Unlock paper sprites done by Kaltriv and achievement functionality by piber20's mod helper.

- Upon starting your first run of the game session as Eevee, a special appear animation will play!

- Brand new Boss Vs. Player Portraits, one for eevee/each eeveelution including shiny variants! Sprites created by orisghost.

- Sanio has been re-added as an optional alternative to Eevee. Sanio acts exactly like Eevee with the only difference being sprites. Evolving will not give you any different looks, as it's only for Eevee. Can be gained through the debug console.

- Emoticons will now display transparently for a short period of time when they update.

- There are now short "instructional" emoticons for when you first gain an Eeveelution which will teach you their moves!

- Jolteon has a brand new animated tear sprite and tear splash for their new move in place of needles: Electro Ball! Sprites created by Kaltriv.

- Light Screen will be now be placed in front of you depending on your firing direction when you release the chargebar.

- Upon death, a text box will appear below you stating "EEVEE", or whatever eeveelution you are, "fainted!"

- Changes

- Flareon's tears no longer have a chance to leave fire on the ground.

- Jolteon's tears no longer have a Jacob's Ladder effect or use a tiny needle as its sprite.

- Jolteon's stats have been changed to be more balanced

- Vaporeon's tears no longer has a chance to leave large pools of damaging creep.

- The sprite for the Maximum Happiness emoticon that indicates you to go to the Devil/Angel room has been changed to be more recognizable as such.

- Light Screen has a larger radius for reflecting projectiles, looks slightly bigger, and uses the player's tear flags and damage. Additionally, it will not go below 3.5 base damage.

- Dark Pulse has a slightly weaker knockback for enemies.

- Holy Mantle is now a special exception when clearing costumes since it's the only indication for when the item is in use.

- Eevee now has a new character selection sprite, courtesey of Sevenut.

- Bug Fixes

- Fixed Espeon's Psywave tears not rotating correctly

- Fixed Eevee's Swift Star's splash not alligning correctly when landing on the floor.

- Fixed Umbreon's Shadow Ball SFX not replacing the default tear sfx when the tear lands on the floor.

- Fixed retaining Eevee's stats and your last-used costume when reviving as another character.

- Fixed various issues related to things happening on death and not resetting when revived as Eevee.

- Fixed any sprite inconsistencies between the normal and shiny variants

- Made it so Head of the Keeper takes priority when playing as Jolteon or Umbreon. Previously, the tear shrunk in size substantially.

- Fixed Fire Mind making Flareon's tears invisible.

- HOPEFULLY fixed any issues related to Umb/Espeon's chargebars not working and emoticons not showing up when expanding the map (Seriously this never happened on my end and I can only assume it was something I screwed up on when uploading the mod. It should be fine now)

- Every character sprite has been made from scratch for better looks and consistency!

- Additions

- Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon all have brand new fur/needles/neck fins respectively. These changes were made as the original sprites were kind of cheated to make them fit.

- Eevee and Flareon's body animations have their arms sticking out of their fur. Jolteon and Vaporeon don't have this as their "scruffs" are sturdier and above the arms.

- Eevee has a brand new tail sprite which also comes with its own smoother animation when walking up.

- Flareon given a new simpler side-view tail

- Changes

- Eyes are symmetrical, making the sprite somehow even cuter.

- Vaporeon and Umbreon's color palettes were changed slightly.

- All sprites given a "centered" shading like player sprites should have instead of heavy shading on one side, looking better overall.

- Only noticable in the files, but how the flight sprites are done in the animation files is entirely different. Take a look if you're curious as to how it's done!

- Changes

- Slightly nerfed all happiness values

- Bug Fixes

- Fixed starting stats with the Oxy and/or Belle mod installed

- Bug Fixes

- Fixed getting Eevee's costume when continuing a run as any character

- Fixed Espeon not playing any hurt sound effect

- Polishing Update

- The Umbreon/Espeon update was mostly good in its main features, but some unproper balancing issues and some bugs surfaced alongside due to somewhat of a rush to get it out. This update cleans up (most) important bugs in the update while also getting some cool additions!

- Additions

- Umbreon now has shiny markings on their legs! This was supposed to be the case initially but I forgot to add it to the body costume.

- Unique tear variants and sfx! Flareon and Jolteon have been given some sfx, and Umbreon and Espeon have been given unique tear sfx AND sprites! Note that Espeon's sprite does not scale due to the way the tear was made, so it'll always stay the same size.

- Any items/pills that would add/change your costume now properly works with Eevee.

- Keys and Bombs of all types now give Happiness!

- Compatibility with the No Costumes Mod! I mean there's no point to having it on while playing as Eevee since literally every costume has been put on the whitelist but I went and did it anyway.

- Changes

- Everything that previously added Happiness has been buffed in value! It should be easier to gain max Happiness now.

- Changed the amount of Happiness that coins give.

- When starting a run as shiny, you get a sparkle effect on Eevee!

- General improvements to code.

- Bug Fixes

- Vitamins work properly, and on all characters! Enjoy the stats.

- Fixed Happiness Emoticon not appearing when expanding the map while playing on a controller.

- Fixed coins not adding the proper amount of Happiness when there's coins of different types in the same room. It would previously increase the value based on the lowest valued coin in the room.

- Fixed your costume being reset upon exiting the game and continuing a run as Eevee.

- Fixed Flareon's ears being spread apart too far when firing upwards.

- Bug Fixes:

- Fixed the Fire, Water, and Thunder Stones showing up in runs with characters other than Eevee.

- Fixed the faint sound effect not playing

- Changes:

- Made the sfx for taking damage and dying replace the original sounds much more frequently. This means less instances of hearing the original sound.

- [/list]

- 2 New evolutions: Espeon and Umbreon. Increase your happiness through various means (which can be tracked by holding the map button. TAB by default) and head to either the Angel or Devil room to touch a beam of light and evolve into the appropiate evolution.

- Vitamins that increase your stats! There's one for every stat. Find them in the treasure room or the shop.

- Flight costumes! No longer shall you walk in the air. Don a modified version of the Sky Dash vehicle from Let's Go Eevee upon picking up any flight items.

- Shinies! You have a 1/10 chance to start a run as shiny. This also affects the evolutions too, and even the flight costumes!

- DEBUG ITEMS! Type "g gain" or "g remove" in the debug console in order to change what eeveelution you are and if you are shiny or not.

- All main head sprites have been modified. More specifically the nose has been made smaller and ears are more detailed and closer together.

- The way evolution works have been changed and now extremely streamlined. It's now truly impossible for you to evolve into any eeveelution if you are already one (with the exception of the debug items, which force it)

- Evolution stones SHOULD now show up 3x as much in all item pools! You're welcome.

Mod does not work. Items (including evolutions) don't do anything.

I'm using afterbirth+.
Please read the fat bold text. Also, if you ARE using the workshop version, then it works fine for everyone else and I got no idea how to help you.
wow this is so good thank you for this mod
can you make it a .zip file? i can't open .rar files... and if you can't do that, can someone tell me how to open a .rar file for a mod? (i'm 12 btw)
use your extracting software, if you don't have one download 7zip
very cool
I like how all chracters are balanced and fun to play
April 5, 2021 - 4 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.