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Mega Pack Omega
New and improved isaac
Created 7 years ago
1 new character, replacing lost (the lamb) some new secret rooms and much, much more...

combination of

Azazel with brimstone-

Birth of the lamb-

Abyss -


Creators of mods

Abyss- and

Azazel with brimstone-

Birth of the lamb-


These are other mods combined into one,THIS IS NOT A MOD
I did not make these mods, this is just a modpack that has those mods in it.


x 7

- bug fixes

- gold key is now red

- title screen now isn't completely white for some people

- the lam's horns are back

- Isaac doesn't die randomly anyomore

- bug fixes

- Judas now has his shadow

- fixed another crash bug

- no more crashes

- no more white line

- game runs faster

- Azazel now has a body

- the lamb won't crash (probably)

This mod contains:
Room Pack
New Floors
Just informing you, mod packs like this will be removed in the future when collections are added. You are free to resubmit the pack as a collection when that happens.
You copied someone else's character -_- (The Lamb)
Yes, Edmund McMillen's character. He just turned it into a playable one.
yeah i have no clue what was going through my head when i said that they copied someone else's character, sorry
Thanks for using Azazel Starts with Brimstone, I guess. Did you ask the other mod authors for permission? Since you didn't ask me.
It's not like changing one line in players.xml is that much effort to ask someone for permission, really.
great compilation, but not a mod. please dont steal
please don't steal from other peoples' mods. ask permission or don't do it at all.
I you're going to make a mod pack ask the creators and give them credit for the mods. And even if you would've done that the description is really bad.
You need to give credit to the mods you used in your description at the very least.
second time someone used the Abyss mod without asking you first XD
I've noticed you have taken the Abyss mod and used it out of nowhere, please do not use content from different mods without permission.
If you're using other creators' mods, include their names to give them credit.

Looking at the screenshots it looks like you used other people's mods to create a mod pack? Do you have the permission to do that??
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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