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Lucas From Mother 3!
Lucas is Now Playable In Binding Of Isaac!
Created 1 year ago
*Make sure to cry until the end!
*Lucas from Nowhere appears! With Lucas use your Psi powers to home in on the enemy!
*You also can deflect enemy's bullets as well and send them back!
*Lucas also has an improved fire rate and more Luck!
But he does less damage...

*Steam Version Here! :

(Lucas from Mother 3 is owned by Nintendo)


x 7

- Fixed A Fire Rate issue that carried over to the other characters

Mother in Isaac is a great thing actually, keep it up!
The first run I did with lucas I got to the chest and fought ??? for the first time I got cricket's head, small rock and, wire coat hanger all on the first floor in the end I had around 8 damage and my tears stat was 2 so yeah it was a good run I would give the seed but I i didn't save it so yeah
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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