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Afterbirth+ Full Save
Created 4 years ago
This is a full save file of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +,not intended to encourage people to cheat.

-Bestiary Complete
-Achievements Complete
-Challenges Complete
-Characters Complete
-Completion Marks Complete
-Items Complete
-Easter Eggs Complete

1. Put to Documents/My Games/The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+
2. Extract
3. Have fun!


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Put the save in my AfterBirth+ and got no results.
So this has everything done? I can use this then start Repentence? I lost my original save file which is why I need this.
Mostly just using this since I got almost everything completed on the physical switch version and I'm tired of waiting for them to patch in the DLC compatability for Repentance.
I downloaded the mod to the correct spot, nothing happens. I tried clicking import save and it simply says error importing. Nothing changes what do I do?
So i did what you said to get the save file yet when i boot up the game it doesnt give me anything to play with help on this plz
This is a blessing lmao, i cant beat the game
Hi, just downloaded this for use with my PC, as I would prefer to not play the entire game again. That being said...none of the Repentance floors are showing up. Some new enemies yeah, but no Downpour, Mines, etc. Is there any fix to this?
its simple really, you need to kill Hush 3 times
I own Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Afterbirth+ (no Repentance). When I load the save, I can see all characters except Keeper, Apollyon, and the Forgotten ( Anyone have the same issue or know what is causing this?
Your mods are preventing you from seeing them. Mods aren't supported with Repentance as of now
Hey, tried to install it like you said, but nothing happens... Still the old save types...
yes thanks now i can be lazy you make my dreams come true
Works great, to get the full list of achievments just to the Secrets section from the main menu in-game and that's it.
upd: yes, this gave me all of the achievments

will this give me achievments?
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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