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Nuclear Apocalypse Mode ver MG
Game adapt to the player
Created 9 years ago
Feature List:

- Redesigned boss fight, including all of the bosses!... or not XD, you will meet different types of bosses, wish they will work

- A health system which contains high difficulty, higher health may bring higher advantages...? Deal with the devil and power up the character you're using, destructive damage will keep the enemies away

- More animations and HD textures, different styles might bring you some uncomfortable feelings... Sorry about that :P

- Tweaked all the characters, they will get different ways to battle, those UNIQUE techniques may bring you the key to win, sure you'll like it

- New musics! Now I will remove the BGMs which haven't get any copyright.

- Floor revolutions! But I have no idea about the shop, I will tweak it in a short time.

- New bosses! They are more powerful and will even replace the existing boss, you could find them.............. ANYWHERE!

- New items!, rare and unbelievable items which contain full of MAGIC! Find and get them!

- Removed some redundant and strong items, the gaming progress will be longer, but don't worry, the items will come back when I have some ideas.

- Remade item pools! Item pools get classified and filled, I will keep tweaking this to make players grow steady.

- Balanced the gaming experience, I made it easier so players could be guided correctly I made loads of works on it, now it's more suitable for newbies! It's still not easy until you got a plan

- Thanks for the players who use the mod, I added some UNIQUE feature. And now there's only 1% of chance to find The D6!!

- Fixed literally every glitch that makes the game crash, just comment about the glitches in reddit/TMOI.

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- Email: [email protected]'>[email protected]

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- How do I mod my game?

- Firstly, download the mod you want to install. Take the archive file, and extract its contents into your Rebirth's resources folder, for Windows typically:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/

- For Mac, typically:
~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/the binding of isaac/The Binding Of

�The Nuclear Apocalypes Release 8.1�

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- Fixed bullets' visual effect.

- Tweaked characters' starting items.

- Added starting items' appearance

- Fixed every bugs that cause the game crash.(This time is for real)

- Tweaked some BGM effects.

- Tweaked some item pool lists.

- Fixed the appearance of Peep's health bar.

- Tweaked some rooms' textures.

- Reduced Dark Matter's visual effect.

- Fixed error rooms' item types and odds to gain.

- Added special tears size.

- Fixed some translation errors(...Not sure it's fixed)

- Fixed Cathedral/Sheol's floor texture.

- Fixed Cygnus' battle room's visual effects

- Tweaked UI

- Optimized minimap's appearance

- Tweaked some BGM

- Fixed Cygnus' AI

- Reduced Devil room bonus

- Ipecac, Technology and Mom's knife are all Active items, now

- Optimized panel visualation

- Tweaked health bar

- Reduced bomb blowing effect

- Tweaked splitting effect for blood tears

- Added 1 item for Crawlspace's bonus

- Broken heart's texture has been tweaked, the right part of the texture is now blue.

- The gate(Mega Satan) key has no more buff to your character

- Added visual effects for Tech, Brimstone and Mom's knife.

- Remade Brimstone's texture

- Added secrets, 80% to get one of them.

- More charges for Krampus' Head

- No more Ipecac exists

- Remade Devil Room's floor

- Fixed textures for floors

- Added tears effects that haven't used before.

- All of the BGMs has been replaced


- Redesigned starting items for few characters

- Added translations for new contents

- reset icon and screenshots , reupload.

- Fixed AI for Cygnus

- Loads of OP items are back into the game

- Reduced bonus for Devil Rooms

- Added loads of secret features

- Fixing floor textures

- Remaking textures for special acitive items

- Remaking health bar for enemies

- Remaking health/trinket/cosumable UI

- Remaking main logo

- Remaking BGMs and sound effects

- Remaking "Lazarus' Rags"

- Remaking splitting effects for blood tears

- Remaking modding icon

- And more ....

- Added a new final boss: Cygnus

- Remade the layout of Krampus' room

- Added some decorations for maps

- Highly rebalanced gaming difficulty

- Added some visual effect

- Monstro is back!

- Tweaked Black Lotus' health up

- Optimized some items' icon, now the icons are clearer in the darkness

- Remade maps' texture

- Remade Blue baby fight

- The Item Rooms became easier.

- Now the Lost had a unique baby

- Added animations for Cygnus

- Optimized visual effects for the game

- Deleted Mom's knife

- Optimized the way to load the game

- Remade starting logos for the starting room

- The Nuclear Apocalypse Release MG 7.2

- Remade bullet hitting visual affects, clearer displaying

- Remade critical hit visual affects

- Reduced amount of bonus in Super Secret Rooms

- No more punishment for touching monsters

- Remade cobwebs' texture

- Reduced shop supplement

- Fixed monsters' shadows

- Remade trap rooms

- Limited difficulty about boss rooms

- Remade blowing visual effects

- Remade "Item Get!" visual effects

- Fixed bullet hitting effect radius

- Remade hostile flies' visual effect

- Remade special bullet flying effects

- Special items' directory fixed

- Tweaked gaming difficulty

- Tweaked Samson's starting items

- Tweaked difficulty about Boss rush

- Reduced hostile spiders' attacking effects

- The Nuclear Apocalypse Release MG 7.1.9

- No more champions.

- Balanced difficulty, tweaked room layout and reduced monster amount.

- Reduced Angel boss health .

- Tweaked starting items, increased damage building amount.

- Tried to add Mega Satan's health bar.

- Reduced bosses health, faster gaming pace.

- Fixed anm glitches.

- The Nuclear Apocalypse Release MG 7.1

- Weaker Champions

- Remade starting logo

- Gives a soul heart in Devil room

- Fixed bgms looping

- Balanced gaming process

- New GUI effects

- Tweaked gaming difficulty

Amazing Rebirth mod, very fun to play.
This mod looks sick! You should make an AB+ version
does this work with rebirth want to know so i know if i can download it or not
Hey dude like i think i am duin this all right i put the stuff in the folder and even got a mod loader but it just wont work its not loading do i have to like type smthing or any tips how to get it to work ?
TFW when no one realizes that this mod is for Rebirth, not Afterbirth nor AB+.

SNAP! that ones going in my cringe compilation
автор ты русский?
this english is SO broken. good mod btw.
it keeps crashing on start. im on afterbirth not plus.
i hope you realize that all of the most amazing mods to ever exist in isaac were made in rebirth, then never updated to another dlc
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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