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Pewdiepie VS T-Series but it's TBOI mod
Changes hush to t-series
Created 2 years ago

V1.0 Preview:

Little joke mod that I made in 2 days.

Added things:

Hush now T-Series so (eat) kill it;

Blue gapers now T-Series fans;

Blue boils now T-Boils;

??? floor now the ??? floor, but red;

Hush fight now has new music - 8 Bit Bitch Lasagna ©8 Bit Universe

V1.1 Preview:

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x 6

- ??? floor now "India"

- Entity Hush is now T-Series

- Entity Blue Boil is now T-Boil

- Entity Blue Gaper is now T-Fan

- Rocks on India floor now red too

- India floor now has new ground textures

- Fixed music

- Removed props on India floor

this is perfect,now we only need an isaac dressed as pewdiepie.
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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