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Crab rave (Rebirth only)
Changes music for caves, depths and catocombs.
Created 6 years ago
Requested by FrenchyLilith


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love this mod now the caves and depths are so much better
I would love to use this because Crab Rave is a masterpiece, but how do I install it? I mean I really tried many things but I dont know how to install a music mod
i don't want to confuse you so you better just google it
bruh, I kinda hear the normal soundtracks really faintly sometimes mesh with the crab rave, is that supposed to be intentional?
im just going to say this we need cock and ball torture for rebirth
does not work for me, unknown format
bruh i cant get it to work i think im a dummy dumb but i bet your mod is great
thank you and btw what's the problem? maybe i can help?
This is the best sound mod ever.
the binding of isaac is dead *crab rave*
it's rebirth only, as the title suggests
omg am i the only one who loves crab rave, god bless uuuuu
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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