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Super Meat Boy: 2010 + 2015 Soundtrack
Adds both the original and PS4 soundtrack from Super Meat Boy.
Created 2 years ago
Super Meat Boy celebrated its 8th anniversary a month ago with an update that let players switch between the 2010 soundtrack and the 2015 soundtrack. This is in (late) celebration of that! Most of the music here was ripped from SMB's gameaudio.dat file and then converted to .ogg using Audacity, with a few edits made if I wanted it to loop better. I have also used two remixes that were featured on the Digital Special Edition album, one for The Void and one for Delirium's theme.

This is an Afterbirth+ mod and won't work with any other mods that have changes made to resources\music.xml. To install, unzip the .7z and place "smb8th" into your Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods folder.

Here's a tracklist:





Some of these songs have been modified to fix goofs or to sound better in-game.

The following songs have been edited to start at a different point in the loop:

  • Ridiculon - Secret Santana (Hell Light)
  • C418 - Meatcraft

The following songs have been trimmed to loop properly:

  • Danny Baranowsky - The Battle of Lil' Slugger (Ch 1 Boss Extended Cut)
  • Danny Baranowsky - The Tragic Squirrel [Ch 1 Cutscene Score]
  • Ridiculon - [Forest Cutscene Score]
  • C418 - Meatcraft
  • FamilyJules7X - Tetanus Blues
  • Ridiculon - [Internets Menu]
  • Ridiculon - Hell Toupé
  • Ridiculon - Meat Yer Maker (Rapture Boss)

Though all of the code in this mod was hand-written, I'd like to thank Marty FlyMac and AndBoy from the Steam Workshop for their well-made mods. Analyzing the Lua scripting in them served as a great learning experience for me, without which I would not be able to publish this as much more than a cheap music\ and music.xml tweak.
Marty was also the one who inspired the creation of this whole mod and got me into the 2015 Super Meat Boy soundtrack in general with his There's Hell Toupé in Boss Rush mod.

Feel free to leave a comment to report a bug, leave feedback, etc.


x 6

- Ultra Greed now uses his own boss theme. (Leather Glove - Well Done)

- Boss Rush theme (Hell Toupé) now has an intro.

- Library now has an intro and a much cleaner loop.

- Restructured stuff under the hood as to further eliminate redundancy.

- The Shop floor in Greed Mode now uses the Boss Rush theme for its normal waves rather than the regular challenge room theme.

- Challenge themes are now handled better when continuing from the main menu.

- Ultra Greed's boss intro now uses the Ridiculon jingle shared by other major bosses.

- MUSIC_BOSS2 will no longer persist into a room with no music defined in the music.xml.

- MUSIC_JINGLE_BOSS should no longer be overridden by Womb/Utero themes.

- Put in a small extra precaution to ensure Womb/Utero themes won't override shopkeeper-spawned Greed's enforced MUSIC_BOSS_OVER.

- Womb/Utero themes now play in sacrifice rooms when they're meant to.

- The Delirium fight is now properly detected (room:GetBossID() == 70 instead of room:GetBossID() == 24).

- Music now starts at volume 0 before UpdateVolume() kicks in.

- Black market and I am Error music will no longer bleed over into the next floor.

- The main code is no longer wrapped in "for i,v in ipairs(Isaac.GetRoomEntities()) do", I presume that was a cargo cult standard since we're not doing anything that relies on checking entities.

- Hush fight music is now separated into an intro and a loop instead of being just a loop.

- Delirium's boss room is checked for by boss ID instead of room size.

- The "unique Utero theme" segment is greatly restructured and much less redundant.

- Merged void1_a.ogg and void1_b.ogg.

- Meatcraft is handled slightly better.

- Indenting is now consistent throughout the code.

- Fixed floor themes in Utero and Womb overriding boss music if Greed is spawned in a normal room.

- Fixed boss music and jingles not turning off when teleporting to rooms with music not defined in the music.xml.

- Fixed secret room jingle not queueing the correct music afterwards when starting and ending in different roomtypes where the ending roomtype uses music not defined in the music.xml.

- Phase 1 of Satan's bossfight is now detected when boss music is playing and the room's boss ID is that of Satan's, rather than when boss music is playing and the current stage is Sheol. This allows the Phase 1 music to play properly if you fight Satan in the Void.

January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

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