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Pokemon Music replace
Replaces the TBOI-Rebirth Music with Pokemon Music
Created 8 years ago
3 tracks from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver,
13 tracks from Pokemon Platinum,
9 tracks from Pokemon X and Y,
1 track from Pokemon Black and White 2 and
1 track from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

it also adds some Pokemon based Jingles

I do not own any of these,all Rights belong to Game Freak


x 42

- changed the Theme for:

- the Angel room

- the library

- the cathedral

- sheol

- the isaac fight

- the blue baby fight

Now after 2 years i guess it's obvious,that i won't work on this mod anymore,so if you want tracks for the afterbirth chapters aswell,I might suggest you 798 ,since it also changes the Soundtrack.
this pokemon music should be in terraria
Also in general the X and Y tracks you used are very low volume and the quality isn't very good either IMO
Thank you for the Suggestions,i am going to fix that soon
realised that you used spear pillar's theme for sheol :P
The X and Y champion theme really doesn't fit for Issac IMO, the Dialga/Palkia theme would of been a better fit, and replace the Cathedral theme with the Spear Pillar theme.

Arceus' theme would be a good one for ???'s theme as well.
Hey, i wonder if you could make Ralts in the binding of isaac, i find him pretty fitting into the game.
This is a Sound mod,not a Graphic mod
Thank you all for 10 Hearts and for all the positive Feedback,
that means a lot to me!
Seems fine, but doesnt differenciate itself from any other music mod, sadly.
Ok,and how can differenciate this mod from other music mods?
You could add some remixes or fi the music to fit the boss fight/floor.
I have never tried to remix music or to make it better,so it fits better with the Boss fights or floors
How does one install this? Sorry Ima noob
just extract the "music" folder into:
%SteamRoot%\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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