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Retro-style graphics
Created 2 years ago
An ongoing project to turn the game into a retro-looking game, with low-resolution graphics for everything. Graphics have been scaled down to 1/16 the size, so 32x32 icons are now 8x8!

Content will be added in "packs", each one with its own theme. New packs are always under development (currently focusing on enemies), so stay tuned for the next one!

The "Core Pack" adds graphics for:

  • all collectibles
  • all trinkets
  • all pickups
  • all fireplaces
  • all poops
  • all chests
  • webs
  • keys
  • poops
  • TNTs
  • explosions
  • doorways
  • shop keepers
  • machines (donation, blood, slot, restock, fortune teller, greed donation)
  • beggars (normal, devil, key)
  • bums
  • shell games
  • spikes (including moving spikes)
  • basement and cellar unique rooms and pits
  • blood splatters
  • fires
  • early-game rocks
  • beds

The "Flies Pack" adds graphics for:

  • all fly enemies and familiars (including attack flies)
  • 2 bosses: Duke of Flies and The Husk
  • backdrops for the Arcade, Burning Basement, and Secret Rooms
  • crawl space

The "Familiars Pack" adds graphics for:

  • over 100 familiars
  • backdrops for caves and catacombs
  • enemy bullets

The "Wandering Monsters Pack" adds graphics for:

  • over 50 monsters
  • seven deadly sins
  • backdrop for the Drowned Caves and the Dice Room
  • Steven
  • Blighted Ovum
  • Gemini
  • Larry Jr.

The "Worms Pack" adds graphics for:

  • 6 bosses (Pin, Fistula, Chub, The Hollow, Scolex, and The Frail)
  • Necropolis backdrops and rocks
  • 19 monsters
  • Card UI now uses pixelated images

The "Poop Happens Pack" adds graphics for:

  • 5 bosses
  • 40 monsters
  • Backdrops for The Depths and Dank Depths
  • Some tear effects
  • Bumbo!


x 11

- 1.5: Adds the "Poop Happens Pack", which updates the graphics for almost all poop enemies, retextures the Depths and Dank Depths floors, and more.

- 1.4: adds the "Worms Pack", which updates the graphics for multiple bosses and monsters (mainly worm-themed ones), retextures the Necropolis floor, and updates the Cards UI.

- Also some bug fixes:

- Catacombs extra-long / extra-wide rooms had off-color flooring

- Icons for Polaroid and Negative were flipped. Sorry about that.

- 1.3: adds the "Wandering Monsters Pack", which includes retextures for the seven deadly sins, the drowned caves, over 50 monsters, and more.

- 1.2: adds the "Familiars Pack", with replacements for most familiars in the game, some of the second-floor backdrops, and enemy bullets

- 1.1.1: version 1.1 accidentally included an old test file and missed one of the flies. Fixed now.

- adds the "Flies Pack", with updates to much of the fly-related content and rounds out the first-floor backdrops

January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.