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The Binding of Isaac: Sinner's Repent
Pack 1: 1 Character, 37 Items, 14 Trinkets.
Created 2 years ago
This is my first mod, so be sparing...!

I made this mod originally as a fan mod for piber20's adam and apple mod, so the new character shares some traits, as he is adam's son in the book of genesis.

I also would like to credit piber20 for helping me with various functions, and i strongly urge you all to check out his work!


Check me out on youtube!

btw theres no screen shots cos modding of isaac is picky, and i cant downsize them


x 4

- Fixed Download?

Any way you can make this for rebirth? I cant get afterbirth+
Lith does not work while using this mod All other mods are disabled and the game crashes when i try to play Lith. Love this mod tons but breaks my game
yeah... thats something i will never be able to fix , but you can disable the mod and play her just fine.
Can't download it I click on the download button, but it just makes a sound and doesnt to anything...
It might just be the connection... ill check it out

Fixed! thank you for your feedback!
Well I realised that I don't have AB+, so.. rip But thanks for fixing it and for replying!
I'll see if i can make an all- inclusive dlc mod soon
If you could make the sinner's repent (i mean everything, even the booster pack and the character) for just AB, I would be so happy, because I really like it, but my stupid PC doesn't have the requirements. Can I just ask what's your steam nickname?
i can try to get it to work for ab, but im not too good without an api to work with. ill see what i can do.
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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