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Optional Bosses - Angel/Devil Room Mod
Makes Angel and Devil Rooms much harder.
Created 6 years ago
This is just an experimental mod I did while testing the Basement Renovator

This mod changes Angel and Devil Rooms so they are way harder.
Instead of a free Item or Devil Deals you must fight against Isaac (Angel Room) or Satan (Devil Room), but you get 4 free items!
It also changes the original Isaac Boss to Uriel and Gabriel. Satan got replaced by the two Black Angels.
Krampus is now replaced by the seven Sins!


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This mod contains:
Room Pack
Can you make a mod that adds 1 room to the secret room pool: a secret room that holds one bomb and a bomb beggar, similar to the key beggar secret room. Should have the same weight as the key beggar room. Bomb beggars are extremely rare for no good reason, key beggars are rare but you find them through said secret room often so a balance for the bomb beggar would be appreciated.
"You have to fight a chapter 5 boss on basement II for devil room items"

Legitimately the worst mod I've ever seen.
xD Well you are right...
I was just messing around with the Basement Renovator and created this, I never wanted it to be a "good" mod.
But you are free to check out my other mods, they are waaay better than this ;D
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.