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Bums Reborn
Bums for Afterbirth+
Created 2 years ago
Dedicated to my daddy waifu, Butt Hutts.
This is for him.
There are many people who made bum mods, so I don't know the original, but will credit him if i find out who he is.
I got my resources from Ottommated's "All the Butts" mod.

oh also 69 likes and i will eat my gaming mouse.

*EDIT: Thank you SO MUCH! I never expected to get any of this.
I hope we can reach 50 downloads and 10 Hearts soon.
*EDIT 2: Wow! 20 Likes and 90 Downloads! Insane! 100 Downloads and I will update my 404 Mod.


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YES (I wish my game worked to even have this to look at )
Is there a problem with the mod, or is your game broken? If you just don't own the game, this is simply a port of a mod for afterbirth, and i link to the original in the description.
January 16, 2020 - 3 months ago

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