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[WIP] The Binding of Flashing: Reflash
Flashing da FULL GAME!
Created 8 years ago
!This Mod is still Work in Progress and there are still bugs!
OF COURSE there are coming updates, this is just to show you what I am working on.
Just try it out and look what got flashed.
Screenshots (because files are too big):
(some images are taken from community remix hope its okay)
-! I would recommend increasing MaxRenderScale to 8 in
Documents>My Games>The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth>options.ini


x 79

- space items fixed

- !IMPORTANT! There won't come any updates anymore. Doesn't mean I'm stopping but the opposite: I'm collaborating with other flashers, so we'll be able to finish it faster. I'm on it!

- eve and other characters fixed (eden-hair not)

- players work well

- black hearts are more visible

- Characters

- Visual Item effects

- some new collectibles (credit goes to Stewartisme)

- Brimstone-impact bug fixed

- this update rocks (another bad joke)

- level passing images

- pedestals fixed

- give a shit on it(bad joke)

- give a shit on it (bad joke)

- pin fixed

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Enemies & Bosses
Items & Trinkets
HUD & Menus
New Enemies
Man i really wish this would have finished, I've been searching for a mod EXACTLY like this but this seems to be the only one i could find. R.I.P.
Damn, I wish this mod worked for afterbirth.
i dont know if i installed it yet, do i put the gfx files in the resources? Aand if i did get it right it keeps crashing my game
It seems like Afterbirth isn't 100% compatible with this + it changed some spritesheets so it'll take some time to make it compatible, if it's done it probably won't be updated here though but on the subreddit r/flashyrebirth
will this stop me from recieving achievements?
no since a long time mods doesn't block achievement anymore
mod continuation on
YES! The prophecy told me this day would come! You are a legend!
What will the new mod be called?
It'll be called "The Binding of Isaac: Reflash"
whould you help me learn to mod isaac
there are many good tutorials here:
I personally have no time to teach you modding you'll learn it by trying things out
"there won't come any update anymore"/ "so we'll be able to finish it faster"

good news! and you have finally fixed the space item great!
but i dont understand for the update.
where the next version will be available? not here anymore? and why not update it if it will be faster finished?

There won't come any updates until everything is done, that'll take its time, thats unfortunate I know. After releasing it there'll come bug fixes
OK! understand now. i dont have any problem with this! all i hope is that the project wont be cancelled, take all your time you need to finish it!
so i will continue to check this page for the final release!
I made a mod showcase on my YouTube!"
I am waiting for a new mod. You did not think to create a twitter to report on the progress of the mod?
I did but I don't think I could handle that, I wouldn't post regularly: sometimes 3 posts a day, but sometimes 2 weeks no posts. But it would be cool to let people know on what I am working on.
This mod is a great idea and im sure it'll turn out great!
I sit watching BoS. It would be cool if the level was written somewhere.
Love this dude! Keep making updates!
I played a little longer. Chunks climbs textures here and there, the body was gone when taking Brimstone and active artifact does not appear. I'll try when mod will be more stable.
How fast you finish making mod? Sprites Rebirth will be redrawn?
Now I'm working on the doors and that's not easy and at the same time I'm doing these visual item effects on character, I'll draw eden's hairs when I have mood to. The Stages won't be easy too. And after that there are the bosses and enemies but thats easy. As you can see we have a lot to do but I'm spending much time to finish it as quick as I can (to be perfectionistic isn't something good here ).
One thing I will ask though is how high to alter the MaxRenderScale because you kinda left it vague at just "increasing" it, and all I did was change it from 2 to 3
below someone asked it, too: 8 should be enough but it's getting on GPU
i think you should edit your description of the mod to make it clear to increase to 8 maxrenderscale, like that, no one will ask again and have to read all the comments.

also great thanks for your reply and your work!
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!