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Greediest Mode
Tired of greed mode runs? Greediest Mode spices it up a bit!
Created 2 years ago
Tired of the same ol' boring greed mode run? Greediest Mode spices it up a bit, by adding more interesting room layouts, some new waves, and adds in the booster pack goodies that should have been added in greed mode in the first place! Naturally, this would make runs more challenging. But more layouts would mean a higher chance at finding more treasures in rooms too, right?
It's like Better Greed Mode but for Afterbirth+!

-Almost all room layouts have been changed so that they are different and have some impact

-All shops now have Mom's Dressing Table, as well as a few nice (or not so nice) treats

-Curse Rooms, Secret Rooms, and devil deals have better payouts

-Balanced waves! No mega fatties on normal boss waves in The Basement. Devil waves get harder though (I felt devil waves should have more of a risk)

-All enemies (and some bosses that wont bug the game) can appear

-In addition to enemies, waves can now spawn semi-permanent grimaces

-More interesting exit rooms

-A harder shop floor, and debugged the "Stain Wave"

I will balance if I actually get feedback lol

Steam link:


x 20

- A ton of new rooms

- A ton of balance changes

- Sorry, ive been not updating this. The one on steam is always updated though, so that's your best bet

This is so cool! I hope this mod gets support, because i hate it when a big modder can make crap and get praised but smaller ones get nothing . Please balance soon tho!
January 16, 2020 - 6 days ago

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