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Revelations: Chapter 1
Featuring a brand new custom floor full of new threats!
Created 5 years ago
Rev:Ch1 is a brand new mod for the Binding of Isaac. Featuring:
- a divergent Basement path to a new floor with special mechanics
- 8 new unique bosses
- Dozens of brand new enemies
- Over 20 new items
- 1 new playable character
- Plus, an optional challenging new peril.

Enter the Glacier.

A frosty welcome awaits Isaac as he braves the frozen chambers of the Glacier. Ice is prevelant, so he best watch his step lest he slide into incoming foes. Many rooms are exposed to freezing blizzards which chill him, making the simplest of movements tough. But, fear not: warmth is always within reach for those who look for it.

Terrifying new threats lurk in every cold corner of the floor. How will you handle Stalagmight, eternally trapped in ice with only his raging temper to keep him company. Or, the lonely Freezerburn, so desperate for a hug. Face old friends now lost and broken, adapted with new forms to survive the ever-chilly climate. Monsnow and Flurry Jr, to name a few.

Brave it all and face a new threat that's eerily familiar...

Dress up as Sarah, the Loved. Strong of faith, but broken and unable to hold onto her heart.


The Binding of Isaac: Revelations is a chapter-based mod. Each additional chapter will expand with a new floor with 3 chapters planned, culminating in a fully alternate path. This mod is entirely additive, designed to be bolted onto any player's run and simply accessed when prefered. We have not modified the core game in anyway beyond adding 25 more items to the pool and an extra core path boss. Glacier, and all additional planned floors, are purely optional.


We very strongly recommend disabling other mods for your first Revelations runs. Running additional mods may cause compatibility issues, however we will be addressing these in post-patch updates. Please bare with us, as this will be an ongoing development process.

Team Revelations

Ashkal - Founder, Spriter (Floor, Promo Art)
Sentinel - Founder, Coder (Mechanical Focus)
Boogs - Community Manager
Filloax - Coder (Item Focus, Videographer)
Wertandrew - Music and SFX
BlorengeRhymes - Spriter (Bosses, Enemies, Items)
Gavitro - Coder (Enemy Focus)
AnonymousKoala - Designer, Community Manager
JonTheRealJon - Spriter (Bosses, Enemies, Items)
Jerb - Lead Tester
DeadInfinity - Coder (General Badass)
Quartz - Spriter (Enemies, Items)
THX - Spriter (Enemies, Items)
NotYourSagittarius - Spriter (Enemies, Items)

Special Thanks to Testers:



x 252

- ice worms shoot the instant they hide from being above, and have max delay when they get up. more time to hit them + hopefully a more obvious gimmick

- narcissus's movement phase nerfed overall. less speed, less dodge, more firedelay

- lil frost rider & mirror shard work with box of friends

- lil frost rider is turned to ice tray by birth control

- charged baby spawns batteries with birth control

- fix a nil value error in narc, and a typo in stageapi that might've messed up any old ice hazard rooms

- replaced lil frost rider's slippery creep with aquarius creep.

- doubled the size of mirror shard reflected projectiles

- mirror shard now orbits on the same layer as cube of meat

- Friendly fire auras

- Smoly caves fix

- Lil ff + fires fix

- Fix callbacks being somewhat broken

- Fix ice blocks

- Fix empty rooms

- We've been hard at work on chapter 2, which has been gradually taking form and is already looking to top what we produced for chapter 1. In addition to Tomb, we've also gone back to add an extra layer of polish to Glacier. With that in mind, we would like to introduce the Champion update.

- Champion forms of each boss. These unlock once you've killed each boss once, and have their own unique look and very unique mechanics, while retaining the initial flavour of the original line up.

- 3 New Enemies. Yellow Snow, Stalagtrite and Ice Worms, along with a bunch of new rooms to take advantage of these chilly fellas.

- 1 New Item. Lil Frost Rider. A feisty little customer inspired by one of our favourite bosses from chapter 1.

- In addition to this, Narcissus has had some heavy rebalancing, optimisation and new active items added to his attacks. With some extra reskins for vanilla enemies that find their way into Glacier, with some greed waves thrown in for good measure. Along with various bug fixes for a number of issues affecting the mod in general.

- And last but not least, a little treat for anyone interested in chapter 2: Tomb. The splash art featuring all the bosses, and the new playable character.


- Hopefully this will tide you over until Tomb. We'll aim to tease some of the items over the coming weeks as more of chapter 2 comes to fruition. Thank you to everyone for your great feedback and your amazing support.

- Sarah gains a halo when she will get an angel room

- New character menu icon for Sarah

- Fixed seed changing and caves 2 having the same layout as glacier 2

- Fixed boss music in catacombs

- Chargers and maggots got a glacier reskin

- Brother bloody shotspeed down

- Chill Grace Period & Sarah Grace Blocked on greed mode

- Fix AB floor rooms not working

- Fix Stalag Phase 2 Sounds

- Stalactite got a Tell

- Disabling locked items instead of rerolling them

- Fixed snow particles not appearing in phase 2 for stalagmight

- Boss system restructure, shouldn't bug out now, other than not making the original boss visible for a split second

- Frost rider is forced with BoR

- Burning bush buff, now constant dmg increase in tears, slightly longer fire, and warms you in chill rooms by a bit

- Warm auras now fade out instead of instadisappearing

- Fix braziers respawning

- New commands

- Floor transition music

- More debugging for boss error

- Updated titlescreen sprites

- Added External Item Descriptions support (WORK IN PROGRESS, SOME DESCRIPTIONS ARE INCORRECT)

- Flurry ice block spawn creates a poof

- Hyper dice corruption

how do i get it to work? if u know please contact me on discord: Giorno Giovanna#6477
and ur name is kuyasu?
how ironic
undefined i cant leave the first room after defeating the boss... does anyone know how to fix this?
good but im not have afterbirth +
afterbirth +
cuz when you get afterbirth + you cant change it to afterbirth so its afterbirth + only
Can you use this for Afterbirth? On the Steam mods page, it says it is compatible with the DLCs Afterbirth and Afterbirth+
Also i have no ideas how to download mods
making Mods takes time. however Revelations Chapter 2 has been shown off a bit. I've seen the Thumbnail so it should be here sooner or later.
i made that post months ago. i know it's out.
I hope that you will continue to work on this mod . I'm waiting for chapter 2
This mod is so good, that once completed, it could rival Antibirth! this mod is amazing!
soooo... can u made this for rebirth???
GOOD MODING: defiantly download and play if you finish the normal games with one character
When i put mod folder to mods , this folder will be removed when i run the game.
Nevermind. Remove the numbers behind the folders name and it should work.
about the Heavenly Bell. what are the speficif effects it can have. i saw the "Crawlspace under the dead shopkeeper" one. but what does the rest of the effects do?
This mod won't work for me. I've followed every guide I could find so far and still nothing.
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!