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Light's Item Pack 2
Light's Items Pack 2 adds five new and unique items.
Created 7 years ago

Light's Items: Pack 2

Light's Items Pack 2 adds five new and unique items to The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

The Items:

Torn Blanket

Passive Item

Adds a chance for slain enemies to become ghosts, fighting for you for the current room.
Found in boss rooms.

Egg Timer

'Hard Boiled'
Active Item (2 charge)

Places a hologram at Isaac's current location. After four seconds Isaac teleports back to the hologram, healing any red, soul or eternal heart damage taken during the time.
Found in shops.

Bug Bait

'It's sticky'
Passive Item

Gives Isaac a chance to fire bug bait tears, which stick to enemies and are orbited by flies.
Found in treasure rooms.

Alarm Clock

'Keep hitting snooze'
Active Item (4 charge)

Isaac throws an alarm clock at an enemy. After four seconds the clock explodes, dealing damage equal to all damage taken by the enemy during that time.
Found in treasure rooms.

Divine Intervention

'May his light protect you'
Passive Item

Upon getting hit, a holy beam is fired towards the enemy. However, this effect can only occur three times per floor.
Found in angel rooms.

If you want the items to spawn in the starting room change SPAWN_ITEMS_IN_START_ROOM to true on the first line of the main.lua. Additionally, the command 'spawnlightsitems 2' can be written into the console to spawn the items in the current room.


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