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System Overload
Created 4 years ago
Work in progress modpack.
This is the official Modding of Isaac mirror.
Get it on the Steam Workshop here:
Coding done by Sora and a little but Hollow,
Superior Spritework by Sevenut,
Sweet Soul Soundeffect by Minchmeat.

If you want to disables certain parts, or disable all but certain parts, theres a config.lua inside of the folder for the mod where you can disable things to your hearts content!

Shader API not necessary, but it makes the shaders for the mod work with other mods I have published (or anyone else who uses the api).

Stuff so far:

7 Passive Items
2 Familiars
6 Active Items
1 New Card
9 New Worms
1 New Trinket
11 New Pills
4 New Transformations
2 Challenges
3 New Enemies
Random Keeper Faces
New Robo Beggar!
New Consumable - Floppies! Currently 16 different effects.

Item Details Under the Cut:


Polymer Card - Useable that will choose 1 transformation you have 2/3 of and act as the third item, giving you that transformation.

Chill Pill - Freezes all enemies in the room for a bit.
Flight Sticks - Reverse all controls for a bit.
Black Beauty - Gives 1 black heart.
Dyslexia - Garbles all the text for awhile.
Vertigo - Screen flips upside-down for a bit.
Its Raining Somewhere Else... - Immune to laser and projectile damage for the current room.
Im Numb - Immune to contact damage for current room.
Damage Up/Down Pills
Shotspeed Up/Down Pills

9 New worms! Effects are basically in the name for most of them.
Computer Worm - Tears glitch left and right.
Hole Worm - Tears teleport short distance through space instead of flying.
Rocket Worm - Tears slowly accellerate.
Brake Worm - Tears slowly deccelerate.
Inch Worm - Tears stop and go every so often.
Lob Worm - Tears arc like Ipecac. Stacks with Ipecac. Its fun.
Zig Worm - Tears...Zig Zag. It looks cooler than you think.
Sturdy Worm - Tears are no longer affected by your moving velocity when firing.
Tube Worm - Gives a bit of negative knockback, hitting enemies in the direction the tear came from. Also tears are elongated.
Broken Disk - Increases chance to find floppy disks on room clear.

The Paddle - Paddle orbital like Trinity shield, reflects shots back at attackers in a somewhat unique and fun way.
Hellfire - A burn that just wont go away, on fire enemies leave trails that can set other enemies on fire or reignite themselves. Works especially well with fireplaces.
Sack of Curses - Gives black hearts every few rooms, but adds a chance to add another curse on future floors.
Jar of Souls - Killing enemies while holding will drop behind their souls, which can be collected, and then used for a temporary damage boost!
Soul of the Heretic - On use, gives a long period of invincibility and gives all the attributes of the lost - flight, spectral tears, and death from any damage. Upon recharging the item, the lost attributes go away and the item can be used once more.
Eternity - On use, provides a massive all stats up for 20 seconds and health regen, however for the rest of the run, enemies will be buffed and your items will be cursed. The more you use it, the more prominent these effects will be.
Wool Socks - Charges up by moving Isaac around, use to release however much charge you have built up in the form of random semi-homing tech lasers!
Memory Bank - Spawns a random floppy.
Disk Imager - Duplicates the effect of whatever floppy you are holding.
Disk Notcher - Doubles effect of floppies.
Disk Drive - Hold 2 items! + All pills/cards become floppies.
Data Defragmenter - Removes corruption from current and future disks.
Killscreen - Turns angel/devil deals into warps to the IAMERROR room.
Lil Bit - Follower that drops flops.
Robo Beggar - Takes battery charge, gives out floppies, machines, and tech based items!

Floppy Disks -
10 Colors, each one linked to a unique effect that changes every run or use of RNG.
Hold the map button (which usually shows descriptions) to see the name of the effect for any specific floppy disk.
Floppy disks have a chance to become corrupted, doing different or opposite effect that is generally negative versus their generally positive or neutral effects. They look identical to normal floppies however once used, corrupted floppies will update their description to reflect their true nature.

2000 - Resets the timer.
Corrupted: Adds a random amount of time to the timer
BSOD - Resets the current room.
Corrupted: Teleports to IAMERROR room.
Creeper Virus - Creates a large explosion centered around the player, doing lower damage but not damaging the user.
Corrupted: Damages user, but not enemies. Cannot kill.
Deadlock - Freezes half the enemies in the room at any given time.
Corrupted: Removes half of your followers for the current room.
Encryption Error - Random stat changes constantly, skewed towards positive.
Corrupted: Skews towards negative.
Fatal Bug - Spawns a few random charmed, champion bug enemies.
Corrupted: Not charmed, more of them.
Heartbleed - Takes up to 3 hearts away, and spawns 3 random hearts.
Corrupted: Creates a ring of red creep on the ground around the player, trapping them in the circle for its duration (or the room is cleared).
ILOVEYOU - Randomizes rocks, enemies, and consumables.
Corrupted: Also adds a chance to lose some consumables and duplicate enemies.
Infinite Loop - Locks 50% of enemies in time, causing them to repeat their last 1 second of actions for the next few seconds.
Corrupted: Does this to the player (resets health on each loop).
Morris Worm - Spawns a few 8-bit round worms and a random worm trinket.
Corrupted: Spawns pin instead of round worms.
Paradise Disk - Applies a pastel filter and slows movement of everything in the room.
Corrupted: Applies a horror filter and speeds up movement.
Power Saver - Reduces cost required and spent on active use by half for the current room.
Corrupted: Locks active item use and drains its charge over time for the room.
Sleep Mode - Makes the player rest, healing health.
Corrupted: Heals all enemies in the room to max hp.
Tech Support - Gives the player a random tech item for one room.
Corrupted: "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"
Wabbit - Spawns 2-3 random floppies.
Corrupted: Spawns 2-3 wabbits, each use has a chance to turn all wabbits into mega troll bombs.
RNG - Randomly mixes the pool of floppies and pills. Revealed pill colors stay revealed, revealed corrupt floppies do not.
Corrupted: Massively increases chance for floppies to be corrupt.

Teeth! (Monstro's Tooth, Tough Love, Dog Tooth, Rotten Tooth) - Chance to shoot out a barage of teeth instead of a tear.
Well Fed (Food Items) - +1 Damage, - 0.5 Speed, +2 Max Health
Wormy! (Worms) - Enemy worms are charmed and help you instead of hurting! Hooray!


PING! - Start with The Paddle, you can't fire tears however in each room one infinite range, bouncy tear will spawn. Direct it (and enemy shots) using the paddle to defeat all the way to Mom! (Needs some balancing tweaks.)

-Sciomancy- Become a sciomancer in this challenge. You start with Razor Blade, Wafer, Shade, My Shadow, Ceremonial Robes, and Sack of Curses. You gotta make it to Mom and kill her with the powers of shadow maggots.

Hanging Spider - It hangs from the roof and shuffles around, waiting to get the drop on Isaac!
Hanging Sploder - Drops from the roof aswell, waiting like a mine for Isaac to get close!
Skinny Host - Shoots 5 consecutive shots at Isaac, 5 round burst!

Polymer Card is compatible with the Starfy Transformation mod by Astropenguin! Get it here:


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I don't see any of the worms or trinkets.
Have you tried spawning them in? Because you aren't guaranteed to get one every run.
Hi, i`m trying to install it but i`m having some issues (idk if i did it right), i'm trying to use the console to get the items, how i can see if the instalation worked as planned? Please help
You need to extract it to your mods folder in the documents folder, then enable it in the mods menu.
.....i have never seen a modpack...that adds 2 enemies....whole new system of conumables....challenges....transformations.....trinkets....items....a card and one thing
Thanks, dude. Yeah, we're trying to add some more cool stuff, so have fun!
April 5, 2021 - 3 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.