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Josuke and Crazy Diamond
Control both Josuke and his stand at once!
Created 4 years ago

Made by melon and NotYourSagittarius

With this mod, play as both Josuke and Crazy Diamond from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable! While Josuke pelts foes with tears at range in typical Isaac fashion, Crazy Diamond charges up and rushes in for flurries of punches when shooting keys are released, and both can be used in conjunction to focus on multiple targets at once or rack up loads of damage. Fun for everyone, not just Jojo fans!

Crazy Diamond is a new, special-made type of familiar which is very responsive and easy to control, sending him to intercept targets or even groups of enemies at melee range, doing high damage and knocking them back. Additionally, he is affected by every character stat, almost all tear effects, and has several special-case synergies to change how you play, so items can have as wild and varied effects on him as they do actual characters!

More than that however, to be true to Josuke and the theme of Diamond is Unbreakable, Josuke and CD can punch some broken things and creatures back into working order, turning them into temporary or sometimes permanent new friends to help you on your way, giving you practically a small army of allies to clear out room after room. What other creative ways can you find to use this power?

NotYourSagittarius did great work on all the sprites and I (melon) did my best to make the mod as good as I can, so please download the mod and have lots of fun with it!

Lore? Well ahh... let's just imagine that Isaac read or watched Jojo or maybe his friends at school wouldn't shut up about it and here we are.

Note: This mod has a setting enabled by default (more details in the readme) which disables achievements due to a bug in the AB+ API which can cause modded characters to crash while achievements are enabled. If the mod doesn't generally work well at all for you, it's most likely because of an incompatibility with another installed mod, so it will likely help to just disable other mods until you find the one which caused the problem, but I still plan on trying to sort out the incompatibility issues which I can solve soon.


x 130

- made things better than they were before

- mod better

mod: 200/10

josuke's hair: 5/10
best mod 11/10 your mom gay xd lmao
Mod Fantástico, simple y sencillamente maravilloso. 10/10 Aunque faltaron los Dorarara´s
애프터+용이네 젠장
wait so is this for rebirth or afterbirth
Is he supposed to show in the character select screen?
cool mod but could be done better and like put
Any plans to add the DORARARARARARARA! cry in a future update? This is a great mod already, but I feel like it's missing something.
Hey guys, I'm trying to use this on Afterbirth+ but it won't work Any ideas?
It might be conflicting with other mods. Try uninstalling some and see if it works.
Pretty sure you have to download the version on the steam workshop, for afterbirth+
Does this work with regular Afterbirth? it keeps appearing in the Afterbirth section even though it's afterbirth +.
I would appreciate it if you could make a regular afterbirth mod for us people who don't want the crappy DLC.
unfortunately doesnt work on my afterbirth
This mod is awesome, might get Afterbirth+ for this. Also what's the music, sounds like something from mario kart or jet set radio.
There is a new version of < The Binding Of Isaac > you got to buy the { After Birth } first then you can buy [ After Birth + ]
In [ After Birth + ] there are new characters and new items
in [ After Birth + ] so it might not work for some people.
How do you install this? Extracting it all/extracting everything that's in the resources folder to the resources folder doesn't work
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.