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Bomb Game
Enemies fall from the sky. Shoot them down!
Created 4 years ago
This mod adds a custom challenge called Bomb Game.

Click here for workshop link.

Challenge setup:
*You are Cain.
*You have 3 full hearts of health.
*Your damage starts out at 10, your speed starts at almost max speed, and your range starts at max range.
*You start with Magneto, The 9-Volt, BFFS!, and 20 coins.

Challenge rules:
*Enemies spawn at the top of the room and move downwards.
*If an enemy reaches the bottom of the stage, you take damage.
*You cannot move up or down.
*There are 10 rounds. Each round has more enemies to clear, and spawns enemies more frequently.
*Each round introduces a new enemy, with different stats and abilities. Between each round, you are shown a preview of the enemy coming up in the next round.
*After each round, you may take one of two items. The choice after round 1 is always between Dead Eye and Eve's Mascara, but the choice for all other rounds is random, with the options randomly picked from a large item pool.
*If you can survive all 10 rounds, you win the challenge.

Good luck, and have fun!


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