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Penitence Card Pack
Hope you like cards.
Created 7 years ago
Card Pack that will be included with the Penitence mod. Adds following 8 Minor Arcana Cards and 8 new Playing Cards.

Minor Arcana:

2 of Cups: Doubles your amount of spirit hearts, if no spirit hearts are picked up, gives half a spirit heart.
Ace of Cups: Changes every pick-up in the room into a spirit heart. Has a chance to become blue flies instead.
King Of Cups: Transforms every single drop for the remainder of a floor into a half spirit-heart, with a chance of becoming a full or black spirit heart. Also has a chance to drop blue flies instead.
Queen of Cups: Doubles all spirit heart drops for the floor.

2 of Swords: Doubles tear rate for one room.
Ace of Cups: Swallows up all pick-ups for a decent damage boost per consumable absorbed for the remainder of the floor.
King Of Cups: Removes all pick-ups for the remainder of the floor (until another King Of card overrides it); every pick-up that would have dropped gives a minor permanent damage up.
Queen of Cups: Every room visited for the first time grants a damage bonus for the rest of the floor.

King of Playing cards: Changes every single consumable for the rest of the floor into a consumable of the card type
Queen of Playin Cards: Doubles every drop a la contract from below for one specific pick-up for the rest of the floor.

Part of following in progress modpack:


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