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Hotbar Mod
Keep multiple active items in your inventory!
Created 4 years ago
This mod adds an inventory for active items, and a hotbar the player can use to quickly switch between them. it was originally part of a large project that's still in development, but I decided that just the hotbar on it's own was cool enough to justify having its own mod.

I have also made a passive item version of this mod.

Use + and - to cycle which hotbar slot is selected, or use the number keys to select the corresponding index. Use the I key to open inventory, so you can access storage and more around items.

Up to 10 active items can be stored on the hotbar, with an extra 40 in storage that can be moved to the hotbar at any time.

Each active item keeps a charge meter separate from the others. When you complete a room, only the active item you currently have selected will recharge, not all of them.

Steam Workshop link:

Demonstration Video:


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Is there a way to change the button mapping. I is currently being used as a shooting key, since one o my arrow keys doesnt work.
Can we please get a Rebirth version of this? I can't afford AB+, and this is probably one of the best mods I've ever seen, so it's kinda disappointing to see that it only exists for one version.
yes under download says : That mod request ab+ dlc

Correct! That's the intent of the mod. However, I have made a slightly more balanced version now.
Hutts was asking for this! Show him this mod!
yay another hutts fan!! he should totally see this!!
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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