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Near's Really bad mod
Don't consider it.
Created 4 years ago

This mod is just a bunch of random stuff I wanted, you don't have to download it, it's mostly crap anyway, so yeah.

Isaac is replaced with me, but there's bugs and all that, like the tital screen not showing it, even though I did the animation editor thing and edited the original image, but I don't even care anymore.

The miniboss music for the 7 deadly sins is now Glory Hammer, or most commonly known as:

There's other music in the folder with some songs I wanted to replace floor-music with, but it's too complicated for me, so I just left them there.
They do absolutely nothing by the way.

If there are any bugs besides the ones listed at the bottom, let me know, or don't I don't really care.

Current bugs I can't fix (idk why):

-When Isaac/Near dies, he disappears. (I think I broke something in the players.xml...)

(Don't remove the one in 'fight ogg' or something, that music works)

This will have updates... LOTS OF UPDATES... I'm gonna reskin to my heart's content, and no one can tell me otherwize.

If you read this far, then congrats, you know what to expect.


x 2

- fixed a name bug with sister maggy.

- Removed unused songs.

- Fixed treasure room jingle bug.

- reskined sister maggy.

January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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