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Penitence - Item Pack
Only items, no tweaks
Created 7 years ago
This is the item-only version of Penitence without any of the tweaks it currently has or will have in the future.

Adds 3 new Angel Room items:
- Lucifer: Grants 4 soul hearts, holy shot (scales with luck), -2 fire delay (cancer trinket type) and +0.2 speed
- Smite Creates one short range highly damaging ring and a low damage high range ring after charging. Charge cannot be kept.
- Devotion: 50% to gain half a soul heart when entering an uncleared room with combat, this has a 25% chance of becoming 1 soul heart. Scales with luck, becomes 100%/50% for small/big payout at 10 luck. Entering a new floor always grants a full soul heart with 25%-50% depending on luck chance to become 2 soul hearts. Decreases movement speed by 0.15.

Added 1 item to the Treasure Pool
- Atlatl: Gives a damage multiplier based on your shotspeed, higher shotspeed gives more damage. (Also in the Boss and Secret Room pool)


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- Added Atlatl

April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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