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Improved Treasure Room Item Pool!!!
Changes the treasure room pool so better items show up
Created 6 years ago

Have you ever wanted more from treasure rooms, because the Angel/Devil Deals aren't on floor one???

Well now you can get some of your OP Devil/Angel items on the first floor!!!

This mod changes the treasure/item room item pool so that it's much more likely for you to get stuff like:

  • Godhead
  • Polyphemus
  • All techs
  • Brimstone
  • Mom's Knife


Note: This mod works for Afterbirth, will most likely work for Rebirth, but will NOT work for AB+

How to install:

1. Open the .zip
2. Take the document inside and move it to your resources folder
3. Enjoy!!!

4. Heart my work!!!


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No, it does not work for afterbirth.
They are rare for a reason. Making them not so rare is not "improving". Misleading title, you are sentenced to oblivion.
I have three arguments against this:
1. There are mods on this website (with the Seal of Approval) that do nothing and don't work, so I think they deserve the oblivion sentence, not me.
2. The mod 102 isn't an actual godmode for the game, it's just a mod. Why shouldn't 1016 be sentenced to oblivion?
3. A mod saying it "improves" something is the mod creator's opinion. It's not always fact.
I'm at a point where I can't see the shittiest of the mods at all. I'm elevated, you are mere mortal lurking on this website.
You think I am a mere mortal? Ha! I laugh at you! I have more power than you could ever imagine. Even you have committed this sin! Not everyone thinks that you made the diamond tears look better. (1025) Also, you only argued against one of my points, which means I am still superior to you.
I hope you weren't thinking I was serious ?
Of course I'm not serious! This IS the Internet, after all. No one's serious here! (I replied on this comment because our conversation went off the screen.) Truce?
Sorry, I haven't tested it. If you use it for Antibirth it might remove all of the Antibirth items.
it would be nice to work with antibirth because there are so few antibirth mods
dosit work for normal aftherbeirth sorry for spelling i have dyslexia
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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