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Created 3 years ago
This mod adds a playable character to your game called "Caasi".

Caasi is a negative version of Isaac which moves and fires in the opposite direction and instead of starting with 3 red hearts and 9 open spaces, starts with 9 red hearts and 3 open spaces.

Caasi treats hearts quite differently, red hearts are open space, empty heart containers are soul hearts, soul hearts are empty containers and open spaces are red hearts, if Caasi has 12 red and/or soul hearts he dies.

Taking damage will give Caasi red hearts or soul hearts instead of removing them and picking up red hearts or soul hearts will remove hearts instead of giving hearts.

However things which affect health without dealing damage or dropping heart pickups still work as normal so their effects are essentially reversed, health down pills are actually quite handy and devil deals are awesome, also you might want to keep ahold of that D6 to use on any health up items.

Both of Caasi's effects can be found in game as passive items: Reversal, which reverses movement and firing, and Negative Heart, which flips the health meter.

This mod also comes with a challenge, Flipped Around, in this challenge every time you go down a floor your controls are flipped.

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Feedback and bug reports are appreciated.


x 8

- bugfixes

- added 'Flipped Around' challenge, player controls get flipped at the end of each floor.

- bug fixes

- fixed bug which sometimes prevented red heart pickups from removing half black hearts from the players health bar

- finally figured out what sound is normally used for red heart pickups, picking up red hearts should no longer use the soul heart sound

- added condition for Crows Heart trinket

- added both of Caasi's passive effects as items that can be found and use by other characters: Reversal and Negative Heart

Added Caasi's effects as items, now other characters can have reversed health, movement and firing, or you can pick them up as Caasi to reverse the effects.
IS there any way to make this rebirth. If so, that would be great
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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