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It Lives to Mom's Heart
Just a file renamed
Created 5 years ago
Pretty Simple


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This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
New Enemies
No more giant fetus as a boss? I'm in.
...and eyes, beggars, caves, spikes, rocks, arcades, heads, hands, demons, homunculi, maggots, fat people, worms, death itself, conquest, cysts, parasites, leeches, pimples, brains, guts, spiders, flies, many feti, three legged spidery things, cyclopses, chains, slot machines, fortune tellers, cards, pills, runes, poop, corpses, blood, ipecac, giant harlequin children, and all kinds of other stuff too. What has this lady been doing?
lets say shes been getting over the dad leaving
I think that voice in the story had more plans then just to get her son killed.
that's what happens when you masturbate
it lives i hate it lives i will install this mod i hate it lives it lives looks creepy
i just realized in the photo is written 'Azazel SV it lives'
oh it is wow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
That's because the "VS" is doing it's "spinning in" animation, and the screenshot was taken when it was upside-down
Doesn't a higher effort version of this already exist?
I can't find one on here. What is it called?
it's called It Beats! I think
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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